Sunday, February 3, 2013

Wednesday 10th October

I slept all the way through the night, it was perfect for me.
I just woke after 07:15am, While I was in the loo I noticed my neck!!
I had the red mark neck again. Will I ever learn to drink more fluids!!!
I do know that my red marks are due to my body fluids. Will I ever drink enough :(
What a plonker at times.
I just got changed into my joggies for my “Pauline’s Gym”
I’m back into a regular fitness regime now.
I need the fitness for me as I have two Charities so far.
I bounced onto the stairs to come down and go for my fitness. I had someone round to see what I was up to. I actually bounced coming down the stairs. I was not even holding onto the handrail. I was in the middle of the stairs, I was not holding onto anything, I felt fantastic.
When I finished the bike, I went back to my room for the ball fitness and my feet balancing  work out. I can feel each and every muscle and nerve in my body.
I can feel the progression of everything, maybe my toe will speak French today.
My leg had fallen out with me for such a long time, I truly thought that my leg belonged to some one else? My leg would not play the right game with me?
I have been working on my fitness, I can feel the big difference now. Woohoo!
Not a single person for me. L
No OT. No Physio. I was invited out to HARDWICK HALL.


When we went out to the Hall, Finoullah and I went for a coffee and cake. Nobby took my friend down to the pond with all the ducks to feed them.
Sometimes it’s good to get out and have a bit of fresh air.
The building was awesome.
The brickwork had a lot of presiseness and design on the roof area.
I do believe that Hardwick Hall was the home of Bess of Hardwick.
We went through the reception area and LAURA MILNES, the senior visitor receptionist told us to use our receipt in the coffee shop.
Hey, I’m Scottish so I loved getting the money back.
I bought the magazine of National Trust, Hardwick Hall but I haven’t read it yet.
I think that Queen of Scotland came to stay here too.
Why did I not get an invite too. J
I went through the pressie shops and I thought of a friend straight away.
“Ping” Went my brain.
I would never think of presents before but my brain has its own path now.
My brain just jumps in, what the hell, eh!
We queued in the coffee shop waiting for our seat. Finnoulah then went for two Latte’s and I got a lovely carrot cake.
The coffee shop had such a beautiful ceiling, like an old fashioned barn/stable.
There was lovely tartan throws over all the benches. Is that a tartan connection??
There was a lot of arrow windows, not an ordinary window in one or the buildings.
The scenery was a great visage for me.
I went in to the reception on my way home and said bye to Laura Milnes.
“I will be back, so see you soon.” What a lovely visual trip today. :)


When I got home after our fantastic coffee trip I decided to write about me.
I have nothing else to do, so I shall ask people to think about a brain.???

Does anyone actually know what a subarachnoid brain haemorrhage is???

Does anyone know what drugs I have had every day???

Does anyone know why I have drugs just now and how many???

Does anyone  know  what effect I have gone through.???

Does anyone know what I have gone through mentally and physically???

Does anyone ever feel what I have felt with half a brain???

Why do people tell me about the things that happened when I was f….d???

 Why do people say that they are not happy with me???

Are people not aware what happens when you under the influence of medication???

Why do people relate to me about things that happened when I was under drugs???

Do people think that I would remember some stupid crap???

I think you should all go back to the source that you all have a problem with.

You all need to sort out your problems.
I love sorting out my own brain and my body, I love doing it all by myself. Alone.
I have the biggest job fixing my broken brain, NOT one of your problems.
I have got bored, YES!
People get so engrossed in making plans for me.
People love making their plans and throw me right in the middle of it.
Did anyone ever try to listen to me, even although my English grammar then was shite as far as I’m concerned.
Could I even say a full sentence when I moved in here on the 23rd April 2012.
I would say a few words then all I said was SHIT, SHIT, SHIT.
Honestly, people here can tell you all about my language then. Oops!
Attrocious but funny to me. :)
Letters used to be a luxury to me.
I used to enjoy my letters when I had my pen pal years ago.
Today I get NOVELS from my family.
Page, after page, after page, after yet again another page.  
Does anyone ever send me a lovely letter that would put a smile on my face. NO.
Maybe people should go to a psychologist and sort out their own brains.
Do I have any time for this………NO, NO. NO.

From now on, any letters that arrive here for me can just sit in my profile.
I just can’t be bothered anymore.
My life is more important to me

It’s such a shame that no one ever realised what I was going through with my SUBARACHNOID BRAIN HAEMORRHAGE.
Some people thought silly that I got my legs and my voice back. Woohoo.
Because I lost my voice, does that make people think that I cannot hear!!!
People thought that I was back. Woohoo 
People don’t realise all the work I still have to do.
Take your novels to someone else. Not me.


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