Sunday, February 3, 2013

Friday 26th October

I woke up and had my Fruit and Fibre cereal with a little pinch of Soy Sauce on it???
It fell on the floor and broke its bottle body right in front of me. Poor Soy Sauce :(
I had to clean up all my mess. Poor me!
I spent the morning with my spotty physician; we laughed and laughed at just about anything and everything. I think we should run for a gossip athletic medal. :)
I was told not to go to the swimming because of my Prolapse?
I thought that the best exercise for me would be to go and swim, I realised that  everyone had an other view.
I thought that swimming was the best way to recover from my prolapse.
Why does no one understand about my prolapse? It’s not a great big problem, it’s just a little hiccup in my after gone big serious brain injury.
My sickness was all my own, so my fight is all by myself.
Janiece and I made it into town instead of the swimming. We made arrangements to meet our friend Richard Green.
We were going into Sheffield, down to the canal for a big chinwag.
We were just coming into town when, I got a bit of shock/horror.
I started rummaging through my bag, BLAST?
I had left my pressie at home. I think my brain was on a wee siesta. DOH!
Janiece and I pulled up to the canal and buzzed ourselves in.
When we parked the car we got into Richard’s office, there was a person buzzing about the shop. Janiece and I decided to have a coffee next door as they had computer problems and network problems so he had to leave to sort out all his problems.  
We didn’t want to just throw ourselves into a big muddle at work, so we just went next door for our lunch. We started having fun in the coffee shop, well I loved being a big entertainer, making a lot of commotion around me. As we were leaving after our lunch I got a picture of the coffee lunch shop. It was called THE QUAYS 1819.
I thought that it looked pretty inside and outside. :)
As we got to the car we noticed that we had enough time to get home in time for Janiece’s spinning class. When we eventually got home, Janiece had enough time to get herself ready so we could just walk round to the fitness club. Once we got in there, we swished into the spinning class. Should I pirouette on my way in?
Janiece met her spinning friends, it was Debbie and John, they were so cheerful with my company in the spinning class.
I was given a seat in the room with them. Hey, I was going to enjoy them SWEATING. :)
I could imagine their legs pumping faster, their heads soaking with all the sweat.
As I sat in the chair, I enjoyed the music being played for the work out.
I moved my legs whilst on my bum, my feet were dancing, and my arms started dancing all over my body. The top part of my body was dancing, I was on the groove.
I kept taking pictures of here and there in the room.
I thought ZUMBA!
Is that the name of the spinning class or is it the name of the fitness company word?
Now this pretty cute young man is David Knaper.
Now, if I was 3 months younger, Eh!
Hey, I’m 49yrs old now so I can dream. :)
David is a very good fitness lad. He pushes them to exceed their own desires.
Once everyone was finished with the spinning, it was time to get off the bikes and look forward to their stretching of their bodies.
David was in the front looking at all his class; everyone was doing all the right movements for him.
As I sat there, I thought about myself now!
I felt, LEFT OUT.
I’m being rather dramatic now; he, he.
I looked into the mirrors right in front of me and suddenly I thought: I shall wave to myself to take a picture of myself to get myself into my story. Clever, Eh!
You see! Me, me, me. “Voila, I am here all by myself again”
Hey, that bum right in front of me is pretty cute too. “Ooops, naughty me!”
David turned up for Janiece and myself. At last someone took my picture. :)
We all went into the bar for our wee chat again.
I started telling them all about my little friends Graham Jean Paul and Madame FiFi.
Oops and Pedro the centipede.
I was being very dramatic again with all my movements, while I was telling my story.
Debbie and Janiece both shared their rose vino. I had my fruit juice, and John and %%%%
David had their Witherton beers.
The stories were flying backwards and forwards and all of a sudden there was a very special addition to our group. YES. It was David Knaper.
Well, here I go, for his age, he is a wee cutie, I just want to press his cheeks.
Ha, ha.
Then we sat down, together, “Ooh, misses, he scrounged my hair.” We were cheeky!
When we got home it was medication time, so I fed myself.
I like to keep on top of my druggies. :)
Once I had my medication I started feeling tired. I went upstairs and made up my blow up bed, I put on my sheet, duvet and blankets. I just had to get ready for bed.
Once I was ready for bed, I went down the stairs to say goodnight.
David and Janiece got themselves ready for the movie on the T.V.
I went upstairs to bed and fell asleep straight away.


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