Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sunday 21st October

When I got up at 07:00am, my body was so heavy again.
I went downstairs for a coffee and I pushed myself out to the back garden to say
“GOOD MORNING WORLD!” I could feel a slight slither of lightness breaking through, in my heart.
The Rasta man sat there at the pool with his cigar and brightest smile.
I decided to call him CLYDE MAN. When it comes up to Christmas he will be very funny with his stories to me.
Hello was said to everyone, I started  to feel lighter on my feet.
I looked at the plant at the back door and I felt sad about myself again.
I had to shake off all the badness from my body. I could only think of scrubbing all the badness said about Janiece, David and myself, straight from my bones.
It took me quite a long time for my cleanliness throughout my body. :(
I keep asking myself, how long will this ashamed feeling happen to me?
I don’t know?

I got ready quickly for my invitation to their lunch with Roger and Inga. :)
The last time that I seen them was that in 2008???? I’m sure!
We had the fancy dress party for David’s 40thBirthday.
We had all the gazebos there, it was so much fun!
David had asked me about Roger he was in the front garden.
I straight away told David that he was in the front garden with a cowboy hat on?
David was shocked with my memory!!!
He asked me about Inga?
I told David that Ingrid was in the first gazebo with a bright pink trouser all in one suit and a pink cap hat on her head?
We both went into the office and looked out for the pictures from the right party and I was right, even down to the hat on Ingrid’s head!
 I am a genius with my memories, no hiding now!!!
We all jumped into the car and headed towards Bolsover, I had the biggest smile :)
We parked outside the “BELLA BLU” that was us ready for the reunion now.
As soon as we got inside the Italian Restaurant, there was Ingrid and Roger patiently waiting for us. It was a lovely meeting, I enjoyed their reunion again.
I sat there quietly, listening; my head was a little computer for all the information.
There was a nice old print on the wall it was the start of the Romans period;  the winches and horses the whip’s the clothing*******************
There was a picture of the restaurant from many, many years ago.
I could just have used my imagination; all the coming’s and going’s right next to the Bolsover Castle would have been supreme.


For my starter I ordered Antipasto Italian, that was supreme, just the starter.
I think I should stop already, could my taste buds enjoy any more food!
I took every single piece of food right in front of me!!
For the mains course I had a Penne Panicannto???? ****************
They drizzled my penne pasta with Parmesan Cheese, Oooh! I could collapse!!!!
The smells were exiting my taste buds so ferociously fast, I needed it now!
Janiece and Roger say HI to my life, I shall say HI back to you both. XX

David and Ingrid say HI to my life too, I say HI back to you both. XX
Ingrid and myself say HI to my life too.
I shall say HI to my life too, HELLO. Hey, it’s my life anyway.
I finished every single crumb of pasta and sauce.
My belly was happy. :)
We all had a nice, happy picture at the end of our food.
We moved round to the lounge area and decided what type of coffee to have.
What dessert should I have today!
I had a fruit cheesecake and a latte, Janiece had a beautifully carved cappucinno.
Ingrid had a love heart latte, why not me!
I got the picture though!
I loved the cheesecake, I love the smell and taste of food these days, it’s better than the tubes for feeding, thank god!
I was on 7th heaven just now with the dessert.
Could I have made that picture by posing for it!………………….NO, HAPPY, YES.
Then we all posed for the blog :
To my right – Mehmet & Ashleigh.
To my left – Amine & Ashleigh 2nd.
I shall be the little old lady at the desk taking all the money :)
Even the flowers were beautiful and had the loveliest scent. :)
We all made our way to the exit, what an awesome evening we have had today.
Light’s, camera, action!
We drive off into the darkness, what a lovely sun set we have experienced now.
Enjoy the rest of your evening, Ingrid & Roger.
I have thoroughly enjoyed my evening with you both.
Pop in to see me one day. Eh!
Good night all XXXX

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