Sunday, February 3, 2013

Saturday 20th October

I felt a little bit brighter after my words last night.
Maybe that is a good feeling for me now.
The sun was rising out of my window, not actually out of my window by the way. You can see it from my window. Doh!!!
There was a slither of clouds; I felt it was going to be a good day. :)
All of a sudden, CRASH!!!
The mist just snuck up on me!
I thought to myself; “Is this my LIFE” :(
One minute – what a lovely day it will be. :)
Bang – what has happened to my day???
Is it going to be just one of those days? Eh!!!

I decided to go to my Pauline’s bike gym fitness centre………..OPEN ALL DAY.
I felt great.
I was on my last 5 minutes for my finishing bike workout at 10:10am.
When I finished all the sweaty stuff I went to get my Fruit & Fibre and a nice cafeteria and toast. As I sat in my room listening to the music, I got a call?
I was over the moon, it was Janiece.
I told her that I had no credit on my phone and could she help me. PLEASE.
Janiece asked me what I was up to! And I said “Nothing!”
Janiece told me that she and David had to;:-
Do my blog so far and do the last gardening, cutting, trimming, snipping, etc.
I asked her if I could join them, and she said YES!
I was over the moon again. :)
I thought, I’m not getting out of my sweaty clothes that I had on my fitness.
No, I’m going to do some gardening first, I maybe get washed later. Eh!

Janiece just popped over for me, I hadn’t been washed, was I smelly?
I don’t know?
Maybe I shall wash tomorrow?
When I got over to the house, Janiece went straight to the office to catch up with all my writing now.
I felt so pleased that my blog was getting done.
They both do so much for my desires. I have done so much to get my life back.
They both jump on my back and help me with everything, however small and however high without any complaint. Now that is a FRIEND. :)
They are my friends. I love them. :):)

I started working with David in the garden.
I have done a little snip here and there and everywhere.
How short had I to make the bushes...Oops!
I was giving all the bushes a short and back cut on their branches.
All of a sudden there was a lot of talking in French, I looked through the bushes and I saw the four of them on their stone. They were showing off their stripes to each other. The yellow stripe was Madame Ketty, she was so beautiful swinging her yellow stripes at me, I said “Bonjour Madame Ketty, common ca’va, mon petite snail?”
Everyone started having a great conversation with me. There was Henri; he had the white stripe over his brown body. Then there was Jacque; he had a yellow stripe over his brown body. Then last was Francois; he had worn most of his colours on his shell, I think he washes himself maybe too much?
As I got ready to leave and I said “Au revoir mes enfant” “Later!” in English.
We all waved to each other, I used my hand and they used their stripes. Perfect :)
I started again on my needled, creepy, crawling, feely things that grow.
The last time I done this was 1 ½ years ago! I remember. :)
When I tell them about my new memories, I usually tell them the colours, the fabrics, was it sunny, rain, happy, sad, everything these days!
I love bringing back my old memories as my new memories. :)
I love this, I’m worth it. J
The sharp needles on the runners were very awkward, running here and there and spiking me everywhere. They did make me laugh though. :)
David had to gather all my winning fights with these runners. They left their bodies flat on the floor. They will be big again next year.
We then moved onto the POOL, I had the Jaws theme running in my head.
“Dah, ra, dah, ra, dah, ra,” I laugh now, sniggering.
We done the pool and all of a sudden I heard the geese up high in the sky.
It was awesome seeing all the birds in a big point in the sky. :)I smiled. :)again.
David carried on with all my winnings on the floor. I was the champion.
I was going to say “Bon nuit, mes enfant”
I was shocked to see that Ketty and Jacques had just disappeared.
I think they must have put on their roller blades to dance into the night together.
I found Jacques on another stone, but where was Ketty? Hmmmm.
Who has been cruising past in this back garden, who has she ran away with?
My titanium plate is good for me, it is good at this story telling with me. :)
David and I had done enough of this physical work for the day.
The sun was starting to fall asleep for the day! Ahhh.
The colours in the sky were beautiful. What a beautiful present, seeing the colours.
The air was starting to get cold, so we moved inside. I felt so content. :)

As we all had been busy working away with my Blog, and their garden, it was nice to treat ourselves with a Chinese take away. I couldn’t wait till I got stuck in to food.
Noodles, rice, curry, spare ribs, yummy, yummy.
I was so, so happy. :)
Today has been such a happy smiling day for me.
I was getting ready for my bed.
I was about to go to bed and went on my tour to say goodnight to Janiece and David.
As I was on my kissy night job, the phone went.
I didn’t know what was happening as Janiece’s face was distraught.
I realised that it was not a happy conversation she was having?
I wanted to help her?
Janiece has done it for me during my sickness so I just wanted to help her back.
I asked her to put her phone on the speaker for me to know why she was so upset?
I was shocked, ashamed and disgusted with my little brother Stephen on her phone.
I could tell with his voice tone that there had been a drink in his body by now.
This was just about 10pm.
I was supposed to be going to my bed? CRAP. AGAIN.
I could not believe all the words that came out of his mouth.
There was so much bitterness! I was totally raged.
My veins were pulsing so fast in my body.
Why do people jump on to a fire to stoke it with more bitterness.
I am so ASHAMED, with everyone.
I shall tell you all AGAIN!

Does anyone really and truly believe in my sickness!

Stephen, I am so distraught at all your words on the texting.
Remember you sent them to ME!
I hope you will be ashamed tomorrow when you wake up with a hangover!

I’m away to comfort my brain, goodnight.

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