Sunday, February 3, 2013

Saturday 13th October

I got up early this morning at 07::00am.
I was watching the early morning news and they had a guest on their sofa.
It was ANDY REID. Andy was a former soldier.
I was shocked with the visual but intrigued by the strength of him.
They were talking about the casualties in the army and how to help the injured.
Andy was sitting there with one arm and no legs. Result – Injury.
I felt honoured with his speech and how he has gotten his life back.
That was like myself, fighting to get my life back
The services are put in some very serious positions.

My diary said:-

13 Saturday

NEWARK    9:30ish ……….BE READY

I got myself ready, this was looking good for me.
I had booked the Armoury some time ago. I was only told this week that the Armoury    was cancelled but they booked me into going to Newark for a day out instead.
I was getting quite excited to see what was going on there for me to see.


I showered and put on my black and cream stripy tights.
(I looked like I had witches legs!) :)
I then had a linen black skirt, a black and cream striped top with a wavy waist and then a black cardigan with a flower I can put on something or put it on my hair.
I had a lovely pair of Patton black flatties / brogues.
It was 09:15am and I was ready for my day,
Shoes---------Arrrrgh, I didn’t know what to wear???
I knew that I was going on my day away today. I went downstairs and seen Marcus.
I asked him……”flatties or wellies.”
I haven’t been there before so I don’t know what is the best footwear to wear?  
“Who’s taking me there and who is going to join me!”
Why did no one tell me any earlier, It was 09:15am when I was asking about the feet thing and I thought I was going away at 09:30ish to Newark.
I got told that Newark got cancelled there was not enough people working.
Why can I not be told about the cancellations earlier, not 15 minutes earlier.
My friend had invited me to her 50th birthday party in Dunstable but I had said that I couldn’t as I had booked the Armoury first. Oops! Sorry!
I don’t know why I couldn’t be informed on Friday, I could have gone to the party.
BooHoo L
Ah, well, no worries. Sometimes shit happens.


All of a sudden Marcus called me again.
As I reached him further up the hall there was my French frenchie pal chatting away.
“Bonjour Pauline”, I said “Hi”
Graham was christened last night by JUANITA but today he asked for more names.
This is a model pose of Graham, Jean-Paul. Yes, he does have 3 names, he’s French!
Last night I heard him shouting on me. “Bon nuit Pauline, Comment ca,va!” I ran downstairs and seen him relaxed with all his legs crossed. I think he was waiting for FiFi they were going out for a quadruple side step dance. I laughed until it was time for my bed. :)Stories can lift your spirit with a big smile on your face.
Bon jour mon ami. Words are very good for a broken brain
I stayed in my event outing clothes. It felt cool at being silly. I did my cleaning again.
All of a sudden I seen Graham Jean-Paul, tottering along the hallway, he was over to visit me again. My nose was running again. It was quite snotty now. I decided to clean my room again. I was a 007 chic now I was magic with a wizards legs. Pretty cool. :)
I had a little blue ring on which it feels all my emotions.
It went from blue to green.
That was pretty cool now.
I tried to fix Alfonso’s T.V. so he could watch a DVD. He nodded and put a thumbs up for what he would like to watch on his T.V. it was part of my collection.
I couldn’t get it to work so I needed the help from Marcus.
We tried and tried, but we had no response from the t.v. Damn. :(
I put TOP GUN on my computer, at last, it worked. :)
We sat down and watched TOP GUN. I loved watching it years ago 
“TOM CRUISE” yummy.
I was engrossed with the jets blowing through the clouds, I still am.
Clouds take me away from the drudge where my feet are!
I loved the part when 2 jets are almost facing each other, upside down. Finger galore.
I then watched the move with 3 girls as detectives, what’s the name………..Think.

I’m now thinking:-
Shall I try do make a comedy for human beings or a cartoon where you can stretch your imagination. Hmmmmm.
A centipede……PEDRO………tick. What about a Phoenix????
A Phoenix called Phoenix??? That sounds good. Tick.
As the night was progressing my brain was working hard. I was asked if I wanted to go out for a coke. My bum was so comfy in the chair. I was engrossed with all my writing in the diary, and the way I spelt words and the form of a sentence.
I just laughed at the way that my brain was working. My poor brain had such a lot of teaching all over again, my brain had been sick for such a long time.
I enjoyed reading my words in the diary, so maybe another time. :)
I tried to get a phone card earlier but I had no luck. Did I need to go for one just now!
I would have been taken to the other shop, so, did I want a lift to the other shop!
I was so comfortable, I couldn’t even move just now. I loved being lazy.
It’s been such a long time to be able to be lazy. I loved it. :)
Night, night.

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