Sunday, February 3, 2013

Wednesday 24th October

I woke up at 7:30am.
I had Weetabix toast and coffee.
It is 8:30am and I am tired again so I have just bye, byed with my fingers to you all.
I took a picture of this mist that follows me again. What is this all about!
I’m off to bed again.
It is now 11:42am and heavily misty.
Does the mist hang around me to stop me from seeing all the bitterness in the air!
It was only 10:25am and I turned on the T.V.
I was very sleepy, sleepy and then I tried to watch  Ian Wright on the Wright Show.
It was all about the Tories and the benefits.
Was that little a LATINA with white skin and RED hair GULP?
Would longer sentences deter criminals?
I then watched Philip Schofield on This Morning!
They were talking about the NHS and our bodies: yae or nae!
Every person needs to have as much inspiration to become alive!
A computer should not be in charge of our brains.
People, everyone, surgeons, family should all look into our eyes for the smallest, tiniest glimmer of light to come back home.
I know.
That happened to me!
When I was under the scanner, my brain was flat, dead, buggered, done in?
Mr Patel and Janiece they seen me alive in my eyes. :) :)
I would have just been clicked off/dead.
I can only say THANK YOU again. XXX
Dionne Warwick, can you remember her from olden days?
What a great band eh!
She was on the sofa and she was talking about all the loss that she has been under.
So many friends and family but she is a rebel and fights on :)
I seen Clive Smith on the programme, poor Clive lost his legs, he was in the Army and was on the forces in Afghanistan. He is going to do his Poppy Appeal and he hopes to help collect money to put towards the 40 million pounds for the charity.
He is a proud man.
It was 11:42am and I started getting tired again.
The fog was creeping in over the trees, I heavily slept.
It was the afternoon, about 2ish. I woke up from my sleep.
My manager and her friend came into my room to check that I was ok.
I cried and cried again.
Why do bad words affect me so badly??
My poor body has been so heavy and tired to co-operate with me!
I went down to the kitchen at 14:40 for some toast and coffee.
Why did I lose another day!
What did I have for my dinner later?
I can’t remember any more.
I went to bed just after 9pm, and I gave in to everything else.

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