Sunday, February 3, 2013

Thursday 25th October

I woke up early this morning, knowing that Steve Government and K-K-K-Katie was on their way round this morning. They are so helpful; they listen to all my problems.
As we were discussing all my problems, we started sniggering.
Steve went on about a time that had happened to me in Osbourne.
Hey, we had lots of stories from before when I was in Osbourne.
Straight away we sniggered about my nappy pants.
Steve and I told K-K-K-Katie about that day, she laughed too.

That is a good line for my book or should I get someone to make a movie????
I had just got out of my catheter and I needed to go to the toilet.
I had been put in big nappy pant.
I needed the toilet so I needed to go, Now!
My sister Christine told me to wet my pants.
I was shocked?
I said “I need the toilet!”
Again she said to me to “Just wet my pants!!!” SHOCK/HORROR
I told her again, that I needed the toilet!
To me it felt awful, to wet something, that was wrong for me to do that.
Does my family not understand what is right for me, keep dry not wet!

Anyway, we had the greatest morning with the goings on just now in my life.
The smiling picture of K-K-K-Katie and Steve, I know what you were laughing about, so did I laugh!!! What a great brain we all have. :)
Great brains together. Hmmmmmm.
K-K-K-Katie and I got a picture with Pauletta, my nurse.
She laughed too at all our gossiping.
My ring kept changing with the colours so fast today.
Now that did make me laugh. :)
Sleep well everyone, I will :) XXX

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