Sunday, February 3, 2013

Monday 22nd October

I woke up just after 07:00am.
I got my Fruit & Fibre and toast and coffee. I was starting my new day again.
I love my new day every day.
I watched the T.V. this morning it was presented by Psychic Sally Morgan.
She was doing a Tour on the Road with her Psychic stage.
Do I think that I may like to be held by a psychic persona! Hmmmm.

I got myself ready for the Clowne Community Care Farm.
My Monday morning’s my good luck badge, every Monday, rain or frost or snow!
I will be there :)
When we reach my comfort area I see the geese the pigs, Pip and her ball.
She makes me smile straight away. :)
Ian has just turned up with Jack, they have all the food and all the dogs, on force.
Joe is such a pretty calm boy, he loves to stick his nose into everything.
I went into the office and had words with Rachael, private words, she has such a pretty face and I did tell her that. She is so easy to talk to with the greatest smile.
We were talking about my Dear All letters that I put on the blog.
Di was so amazed at my words that I used.
I have never experienced the biggest cuddle from Di for my openness of my family.
All I can say is that she was GOBSMACKED, she was dumb spoken now.
We all chit chatted about my embarrassment of my family.
We did talk.
I got back to the animals and looked at the goose next door and the wee cuddly rabbits, I had to check out what and who needed my attention first.
Salvatore would and always will be my first my attention.
I did what I could in my little time left.
I went into the office to speak to Jack about the keys for the next field. I needed to empty out the wheelbarrows with the old materials for the mulch in the ground.
Jack just threw me the keys and I was very confident in my next job, open the next field all by myself?
When I opened the gate I put the keys straight back into my pocket and zipped it up.
Smellier, but at least it’s done.
When I finished my job, I needed a hand to close the field with the padlock.
Some things can be so small for me even just now but it feels humungous to me?
I have done what was in my power today. I got back into the office to see Jack.
I was going to give him the keys and I got another big cuddle and kiss from him.
Bless Jack; he is such a nice boy with his biggest smile.
Just before I was leaving, I asked Ian for a new invoice.
What I meant was a new invoice not a photocopy of my old invoice that I handed in?
Sometimes I wonder about all our brains. :)
I said bye, bye to the geese as I was on my way back home. I shall see you later!
I felt tired when I got home but I needed to clean my jacket from all the dirt!
As I was wiping it down I realised there was something in my pocket?
Why did I not check before I left ~ ~ ~ ~
My brain was waving all over the place.
I phoned Di at the Clowne Farm and confessed my hiccup.
Di put me on to the phone to Ian the owner of Clowne Farm.
Its ok there was no great calamity about the keys straight away.
Ian proposed to pop down shortly for my Oops! accident.
We just laughed at my stupid crime :)
I had my lunch of a ham sandwich and then I looked out of the window.
There was so much mist in the air, what was coming down to eat me!!!
Ian turned up for the keys.
I got the keys and we done our “give and take” of the keys. Thank goodness.
When we finished our keys job, I went back to my room. The mist was still hanging!
It was like one of those creepy movies on the T.V.
“The mist creeps over the landscape with two eyes?”
Hey, that’s a good line for a creepy movie! I must keep that. Eh!
I had my job done and my dinner done, I just wanted to lie there doing nothing.
I did not think about anything. My mind had an evening off without me.


My mind started getting very active again.
I cannot control my mind when it is on a motion for answers.
I put the big pink fuzzy roller on my chair. I had just my 9pm drugs.
I wanted to know what was bothering me. YES, FLUFFY?
I looked at the pinkness; it reminded me of my cloud system in my eyes.
Think, think, think!
I thought, a headdress, eyes, nothing else in just now. Right finished.
EYES; Two, by sunglasses
HEADDRESS; Princess Crown?
I got into bed and fell asleep sharply/minutes.
I slept like a baby.

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