Sunday, February 3, 2013

Thursday 11th October

I was in my charity T-shirt for the bike and my exercises.
When I finished all my workouts, I had a shower and prepared for my opticians at 2:55pm in Shirebrook.
I have since realised that the last time that I went to the optician in Shirebrook with Nobby  I had a cloud system in my eyes. I had a pinky, red colour in my eyes, I couldn’t see anything in 3’d. I couldn’t see the flat lines of doors, tables, chairs.
Every time I got into the car with Janiece or David I kept calling to them and said:- “Oooh, can’t go there, that’s too fluffy” I sat in the car pointing at individual pieces?
Everything was fluffy and pinky, that was my medical words the “Cloud System”
I have found out that everyone has a different colour in their brain pathway home.
Every single person with this injury has a different pathway to take their way home.
Someone said to me quite a while ago when I just started talking:-
“Look at the sky outside, the colour is purple.”
Well what could I say!!!
I’m such a forceful person now, I had to jump into her conversation before she could finish what she was going to say.
I said, “The sky is blue and it will always be blue”, there will always be variations of the shades of blue but it will always be blue. “Not the purple that you said”
I jumped right in before I heard the whole story. I am very stubborn. Oops!
As we drove into Shirebrook, I did remember our last visit when I had sick eyes.
No one ever mentioned to me that I may have suffered from the cloud system?
Or, was my head still spaced with the medication that I couldn’t tell you if they did or didn’t tell me! Brains are very tricky to sort them out. A brain has to do it’s alphabet all over again. Words, where, when, spelling, grammar, language.
Once we parked the car, we made our way to the opticians. As we got in there I recognised the receptionist straight away.
I told her about my cloud system. I had it before without me not knowing what was going on with me. I’m definitely a detective now.
As I went into the optical clinic room, I went through the green and red lights again.
The optical man hummed and hawed, he told me that I had the wrong glasses.
I needed two separate glasses now. Pheww.
I picked up the glasses that I wanted. I think the red/pink glasses were for the near sight away and the dark frames were for the distance glasses. I do think so!!!
I said goodbye to everyone and Nobby and I went for the car to go home.
As we were on route leaving Shirebrook he showed me his friends bike shop.
He does all the custom for the scooters.
There was a right old fashioned white scooter in the front window.
I had seen quite a few of the scooter bikers, I think they were having a wee get together with the scooters the other day.
When we got home, I called Janiece and asked her to come and collect me for the anniversary dinner. I actually received a lovely compliment to join them for their anniversary. I was all agog.
As David got in from work we had a lovely wee chat and food.
We had a lovely pasta dish. What is the name???******************
I told them about my writing and brought them up to date with everything.
I couldn’t do a blog on my own just now, it’s all educating myself now.
I can write and take a picture but put it all together!! No, I need help for that just now.
We were talking about our friend Loz.
We were talking about how long was I on the phone with Loz?
Cripes, 2 ½ hours. I’m shocked.
SORRY LOZ :) maybe 10 mins Eh!
When dinner was finished, David drove me home with Janiece.
I got ready for my bed and my druggy popped round with the medication.
I was watching a programme on the telly, it was the Johnathan Ross Show.
There was a pop group from the U.S.A. called Taylor Swift.
Gary Barlow (hmmmm cutey)
Dermot O’Leary (scrumptious)
Stephen Fry (very intelligent, gorgeous)
Was it this show on the telly where I seen the poet, Benjanim Zephania.
He has long rasta hair, just like COLIN BENNETT.
I have a visual memory of you dancing on the platform in the SKI HUT.
Your hair was dancing in the air to the music.
What a fantastic visual memory of you, Colin.
My face smiles when I watched you dance in my memory. J
Hey Loz, sorry again for 2 ½ hrs SHIT.

I just noticed I had PLOOKS AGAIN.
Am I going through my 2nd plooky life. What happened to my alabaster skin.
Night, night.

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