Sunday, July 29, 2012

Friday 20th July 2012

Review Meeting

This is my letter that I read to all my family at my review meeting

Markham House

I moved to Markham on the 23rd of April 2012
I cannot remember meeting Rachael Smith on the 13thApril 2012.
If we check on April 16th and 17th my writing is absolutely horrific. My brain must have found it hard to organise all of my English language .
Here are some examples:
Monday 16th April – Meeting with call to incle Patel, good time Mr. Patel.
Going to feet with Patel down the soup
Tuesday 17th April – Met cousins to later to meet the mousin with my friend pat to hurry up.
Met Jonathan as my seen with my friend.
The ladder is shut in the door to give me a nice time.
This was the thoughts that went through my head, dear what a load of mash!

I have got through at the end, I’m the strongest person, no one treats me like a child.
I had my lumber puncture on 10th February and then I went for my SHUNT on 15th February 2012, at 7pm. When I had just had my shunt I was just leaving Hallamshire and I firstly crossed my legs in my chair .WOW.  I put my right leg over my left, my right leg was actually in a stroke but I could do things naturally.
My body was healing for me, when I was trying to talk again I was talking to the left but my memory was going to the right, we couldn’t get together from Saturday 18th February 2012 till now July 2012.

It has been very hard, I have lost myself in my body somewhere, obviously my brain must have hidden in a dark corner in my head. Thank god that I’m fine now and just got a few little corners in my brain to sort out, ahhhh.
I’ve only been honestly alive when I moved in hear on the 23rdof April 2012. I have the lights in my little houses in my head, every day the lights for the houses come on. They plop, plop, plop, every day, to remind me of the things in the past.

Steve turned up for our bye byes but it ended up in my room for a marathon 2:30pm till 4:30pm. I couldn’t stop with my feelings about being treated as a child. People treated me as a child and never listened to what I said as my words were all goobly and gaggley.

I know my family were there to see me in my bad, bad sickness time, I do love them all but I need people to treat me like an adult and listen to me.   I don’t want to be taken over I love my life and I want to live happily.  Speak to me and ask me first if you want to come to visit, I may be able to fit you into my busy busy life. 

So, I want everyone to go to their homes and works and enjoy their weekends. I can go back to my life. Woohoo thanks lord.

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