Sunday, July 29, 2012

Tuesday 17th July 2012

I look this good every morning!!
Good morning my subjects, I woke up at 07:15am. I went to the toilet and then I got my phone and decided to phone David. He was driving to Stockton today. David is an engineer, he works for Interserve. They have lots of work plots throughout the nationwide so David could be moved depending on what is happening at work. We had a nice chit, chat. I phoned Janiece and told her I had my chit, chat with David, I loved talking, blether, blether, blether. I have made up for it now as I had been so silent, don’t worry, I must learn to be quiet in my speech. Dear me I should be quiet, I’m going for breakfast now, laters!!!

My rabbit painting
I had my painting this morning, you should laugh sometimes, ha ha ha. I’m painting two rabbits at this moment ooooh I’m clever. Ha ha ha. Once I finished another bit of my painting I went to Cresswell Leisure Centre .I went to the Aqua Fit. It was great having the excersize  to get my body better for the circulation of the blood in my veins.

What do you think of my new haircut.......
I got picked up from Janiece about 1pm. I had my hair cut at 1:30pm, god I felt superb at getting this hair into a proper cut. Thank you Jodie Kehoe.
I had a quick Facebook. Got a few messages, it was lovely, I finished then I went home for my dinner. We had a lovely bolognaise, hmmmm. I had a lovely relaxing evening in my room Ahhhhhhhh <3

Morag has just sent me a message on Facebook, so I have just got it from FB to my phone. Ahhhhhh lovely, I’t was at 22:30 and I’m tired but I needed to find the energy to answer her as she has looked at the NeuroCare. Morag says I was upbeat and motivated.and how capable I was. I will be inspirational to try to do the best and support the promotion of the cause.
Morag your looking good xxx

 I told Morag that I will mention her this week and I will put her picture on my blob, I can’t find any pictures just now so SORRY Morag.  I can only think of Mrs Blobby, oops, SORRY, hey you will look fantabulous ;-)

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