Sunday, July 29, 2012

Wednesday 25th July

Last nite as I was finishing my writing my subject brought me up a nice toasted teacake to go with my coffee. Hmmm that was beautiful, what a nice way to sleep.
This was the usual again, up out of bed, toilet, back to bed, sleep again. It was 04:40am for relieving myself. I have a good system with the bladder now. I have great dry sleeps now, I feel so proud of myself. I should give myself a great big clap on my back for all this. I started this writing at 06:35am, I just love writing all of my thoughts, feelings, emotions. I just love writing, it’s great. Do you know that when I had my Subarachnoid Haemorrhage I was trying to give up my fags! At work I would have my cigarette patches on my arm, then  I would take my patch off and puff a fag. Wow that was good, when I finished it I put my patch back on then back into work. It was quite funny watching me doing this giving up system. Ha ha ha. I wouldn’t  even think of smoking any more, yuck, yuck, yuck. I just don’t like the smell anymore. Imagine now that I did smoke before and now I know that I did before but I love being the healthy “queenie”...It’s  now 07:20am so I’m away for my breakfast, see you all later. I had a healthy weetabix and 2 slices of  toast with my Robinsons lemonade diluting juice.

 I organised with the staff that I was making my own dinner today. I’m going to make bolognaise for myself. I have looked through the kitchen pantry and fridge and I have mince, onions, Italian herbs, peppers, mushrooms, garlic, Wow the only thing I  need to buy is a tin of tomatoes.  I   think  I worked well on my dinner plan and it will be a nice to just have a wee walk for a tin of toms. It’s   08:55 and now I’m off for my shower and have some excersises again. The more I do it, the stronger I become. 
On the kitchen board I wrote again.
“I really love having my voice back,
I need to learn to shut up sometimes,
I talk, and talk, and talk, and talk,
I will get better and quieter,
Rachael has been so good to me,
Thank you Rachael xxx Pauline
I went to lunch and had the spicy chicken fahitahs and salad it was lovely.

I waited after my lunch for Leanne to do the Physio excercises. When she arrived I told her that my right leg does not belong to me, it feels that it belongs to someone else, it feels like I have a longer right leg. I thought it maybe my leg is working so much to come back to me. I did a walk along the corridor for Leanne, she wanted to know how good my walking was. My walking was perfect. I am back together ”so far”, thank god. I’m going to take a picture of my “lift”, my insole for my  heal.

I went to cook my spaghetti bolognaise for my dinner. I started at 4:15, then I finished just after 5pm. It was so good making my own dinner. It makes me feel so wonderful that I make things again. Ahhh. I have left some bolognaise for tomorrow lunch. My friend Kai is coming to see me, I can’t believe that he last seen me when I was so bad with tubes coming out of my neck, head, and anywhere else you could imagine eh…..
When Kai arrives at lunch time I will Say “hello”, Walk to the kitchen, god this will be so amazing, I can hardly believe it.

 Paul the gardiner came to finish the front garden. I chapped the front door to attract his attention and I asked if I could take a photo again. He said “YES”  It’s now 9pm and I’m going to stop for our day, I will have a nice chilling nite now, so I will catch you all tomorrow. ;-)

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