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Thursday 5th July 2012

Thursday 5th July 2012

Woke up about 2am for me to go to the toilet. I am getting better with my toilet control. Now at the early time my body knows that I need to awake and go to the toilet, my body is good at keeping my bed dry.
I had my exercises  today. When  I had my haemorrahage I also had a stroke on the right hand side. The exercises helps me with my bad circulation between my toes. The three toes between the big toe and the small toe and my arm joint at the folding place. They all get so sore and so cold with the bad circulation. I am a fighter. I am back in my life.
Me and my sister Janiece
I had 35minutes on the phone with Janiece, out at the Rhubarb corner out in the back garden. The bedroom of mine upstairs in our house usually has a terrible reception for the phone so the Rhubarb area of the garden is our hot-spot

We changed my name today I’m now Edith-Pauline usual name
C---l now is Dotty
T----y is now Fannoulla
J----n is now  Alfonso Alfred
D--n is now our lovely Daisy.
R-----l is Princess  Tia

Had a lovely chicken curry then we had a lovely mixed fruit and ice cream.
Fannoulla and I done the plants out in the front garden after dinner. We took out all the weeds and planted our flowers, as soon as we finished our garden job the heavens  opened up, it was so dark and gloomy but my heart was dry and happy.

Spoke to R-----l (Princess Tia) about my toilet stuff before. People telling me that it was ok for peeing in my big throwaway pants. I didn’t want to be sitting in wet pants. I asked  for the toilet but I was told to pee in my pants “that was what they were there for”  I’m so sorry but I had just starting speaking the English and I wanted to go to the toilet, it was important for me. People around me didn’t even attempt to get me to the toilet, I felt dirty and I was treated like a child. As much as my family were there they were not listening to me they just done what they did and that was enough for them. I will not let anyone be in charge of myself. I am such a strong and fighter person, I will get
myself back, I am the strongest fighter.

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