Sunday, July 29, 2012

Thursday 19th July 2012

Woke up at 7am, the day feels good in my bones, I don’t know why my bones feel so good, that’s just how it is!!!!!
I had bran flakes, ……flakes and banana, toast then coffee.
I had my shower then I got ready for the journey to the hospital. I had my check up then I had a go, go, go, I was feeling good.

Once the check up was over, we went into Osbourne I felt that I had only just left, it felt that it was just like minutes ago. When we went to the main desk I spoke to the nurses.. I know I was still there until I moved on the 23rd April 2012. I used to go into the office to chat with the nurses, I love talking.

The usual thing happened, I started doing my talking again. I started talking on the February 18th it was very difficult, I was learning to speak all over again.

As I chatted with the nurses all of a sudden Matt knew that I was there. He recognised my voice, he knew it was me. Matt has lost his voice and his legs, he got off his holiday flight then bang, they disappeared. That was just like me. I almost ran to see him and asked him if I could give him a cuddle and kiss. He had the biggest smile and Matt tried to shake his head “YES”. I asked Janiece to take our picture and Matt  moved his head to say that it was ok. I felt so happy that he was so happy. I told Matt that I was going to the next room to say hello to other residents. I looked at him from the other room then “BANG” his legs were dancing on his bed, he was so excited he couldn’t stop the movement, I was excited at the movement which I saw, I could hardly control myself WOW, WOW, WOW.
 I have realised  why  I’m here.
I’m here to assist and help others.

I can help people by having a kiss and cuddle, by having a smile, by having a picture or making people laugh. It doesn’t really need to be financial, it can be free to help people. I’m going to assist the NEUROCARE CHARITY as I feel that I will do a good job and possibly get a couple of pounds for their needs. Emma Douglas works for Neurocare charity, Emma is going to walk with me next April 2013. Lets hope the jars will jingle with the coppers, maybe a little prayer will help us. My nephew  Michael Burns and his lady Beth ……*** came round for a chat. Beth has asked me if she can walk with Emma and I on the charity next April, I said yes, yes, yes.
 “Lets get or heads together”  Neurocare.
My walking for the charity is just suddenly getting bigger, I wonder how many of us will do it eh!!!!!!!!  I have faith in everyone. Pauline Quinn.

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