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Thursday - 12th July 2012

Thursday  -  12th July 2012

Its 7am and I have woke up in a very happy feeling. 

My best friend and sister Janiece

I knew I was leaving early for the Optometrist at 10am, It’s the eye person at the Sheffield Hospital. I was leaving with Janiece to make her appointment at the Hospital, she was going to check on the eye colour and the size of the eye. She has changed on the colour now as it changes now on the colour and sizes as that is a natural effect of a kind on eye. This has been a natural thing for Janiece since she was 4yrs old. We have all grew up with it so its just a natural feeling for us. 

I love her so much. We are bigger than sisters we are best friends, we have always been beside each other, we are the best forever. When I left high school at 16yrs old, that was us, we just stuck to each other, we had to be together, nothing would separate us, we were one.

When we popped into the Prosthetist, Andrea our special lady was listening to my questions. I talk such a lot now as I was quiet for a long time in my world. When I finished talking, I still went on. 

I hope I can meet Mr Patel. I shall pray for us.
My HERO Mr Patel my Neurosurgeon
Mr Patel is my neurosurgeon, but he had a meeting with the  meeting people. I left him a lovely teacup with a teapot on top of the cup and a saucer, he just needs to add the tea leaves. Hey I was so sensible for him, I just knew he had a tea face , hahaha

I went to floor N1, that was my hospital room when I was so sick. Caroline was the black girl, she looked after me on N1 floor. She deserved the cuddle and kiss.

I came back into town and I met  old work friends in Sheffield.
I was wishing that my shoes were put on the right feet. Ahhhh….Perfect.
I came into town after the hospital. We went to the loos in John Lewis then we went to see the Olympics area  for me to look at their stuff to buy.
I then walked along the city centre for the sights, it was beautiful to look at it. 

My lovely friend Pat
Then I went to All Bar 1 for my friend, Pat is going to be 64yrs birthday on this Sunday we had a lovely dinner. It was a grand dinner for us, I thought Pat was going to meet me at 4:30, don’t worry she was only 30 minutes late, but  I would have waited longer for her. She listens to me and makes me happy. 

I done a lot of walking yesterday so I got knackered. There was a history on Channel 4 about Subarachnoid Brain Haemorrhage, it started at 10pm so I got it videoed by David (he is my ANGEL) I think we can all learn from our Brain Injories.

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