Sunday, July 29, 2012

Wednesday 18th July 2012

Well I woke up this morning at 07:15am. I was a very happy girl. I pottered about this morning. I couldn’t tell you what I was doing but I did do something?. I went down the stairs to go to the kitchen for my breakfast. Yummy, cereal and  toast and coffee. I went down at 9:00am for breakfast, how could I get so dreamy in my head. I need to shake myself up and be more alert. I knew that Ian Lewarne was arriving about 11am for our day.

Ian came for me just after 11am. We both had a nice soft drink and talked a lot about what happened to us. How did we end up in the Hospital ?  What was wrong with us ? Why did this happen to us ?  We both  have fought with our strength, to get to the other end of the road.

Ian and I decided to go to Bolsover Castle.  Happy, happy, happy, what a time we had at Bolsover Castle.

 We got in free shhhh. We started talking to Richard, he was working at Bolsover Castle.We  got our picture with Richard, fantastic.

We spoke to Aimee on the reception and I left her the BLOB address for her to see what I was up too.  Here we go again for all my chatting.  chit chat…blether. Subarachnoid Brain Haemorrahage. I love talking about my illness and the more I talk about it the better it gets. We have both gone upstairs and downstairs, we both enjoyed it soooooo much.

We had spent from 12ish to 4ish. It was a long time just hanging about, being cool and silly. Wow, we should do that again, eh! Aimee came and had a picture with me when we were leaving the Castle.

“We had another great day”.

Its 8pm and I will get collected shortly. I’m going home again. I’m going to have a busy morning as I go to the hospital early. Here goes another busy, busy day.

Ian, I had the BEST day at Bolsover Castle,
P.S. I was so proud of you.

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