Sunday, July 29, 2012

Tuesday 24th July 2012

I woke up at 04:40am, I needed the toilet again. I have just got myself in a routine. I go back to bed and I was up at 07:15am. I’m in a proper routine, thank god, I feel like I’m almost back to my life. I went downstairs again and I had a coffee and toast. It feels great to go to the kitchen and I make MY coffee and MY toast.

It has been such a long time where the nurses fed me and helped me to drink. I do THANK YOU all at Osbourne for all the assistance that you all gave me. I love being a big adult and I only do what I want to do, this is my 2nd birth. I’m now 1yr and 4 days old. Welcome to my world.

I was supposed to go to the Aqua Fit for our exercises this morning, but we never had enough staff so I was cancelled for the swimming. No worries, I enjoyed Janiece coming over here to fix my laptop. Hallelujah, Hallelulah. I knew that I could write later. When Janiece fixed the laptop she was then ready to go home to work. She helped me with my lounger and painting stuff to the back garden and the next arty room. I knew that I did get more painting done, I do try to keep my voice quiet. I do work on it as when I couldn’t talk for 10months. I have thoroughly enjoyed my speech, I know how to keep the voice quieter, listen, and be more understanding.

 I have had a lovely lazey day out in the sunshine on my lounger. I had good afternoon gossiping with “Paul The Gardener”. We chit, chat about everything, how did we actually get here, what was the cause, I’m so nosey as I think that is the way to go forward in my life. I was in the garden for a long time with Paul, there I go again with that mouth of mine, Blast again, me, shut up, pleeeeease. I had been in the kitchen at lunch time for my scrambled eggs and toast. It was very good. I ended up in the sun lounger for a nice quiet time to myself. It was great just lying there and not even thinking of anything. My brain loves just being silent to me, it does make me stronger. All of a sudden it was 5pm and it was time for dinner. I said bye to Paul as I was off for dinner, so I went into the kitchen for my fish and chips and peas. Yum, Yum. When I had my dinner I got ready for the garden again. I do love the heat on my body. I was busy with my lazy day again, god I love it.
I was asked by our matron to go to the pub, The Blue Bell. Wow. We sat out in the garden and we had the most beautiful views, right in front of us. At the table next to us was Bev and Steve. They had 2 Akitas. They walk the dogs every day in the town of Bolsover and in the Sherwood Forrest. The dogs were called Sumi and Kendo. Kendo was a dog for therapy in the Bolsover Hopsital, he goes to visit in the hospital every week. I can imagine the happiness that the patients have when he comes to visit them. I have taken pictures of the views we were looking at, there is pictures of Palterton, it’s a little town with red roofs, there is the big ponds called Carvel.  It has been a beautiful day. I have loved it.

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