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Friday 27th July 2012

Hello again, how are we feeling, I’m fantastique. The occasionally good words is “lets get our heads together” I love that sentence from Neurocare. I will make sure that the heads are together. I do think that we need to help ourselves and others, people will get there eventually. Dez is on his way through and we are going to Lady Bower for our day out today. I’ve been there before when I had a gorgeous brain. I remember the Dam and walking through the tree lined walkway. It feels that I was there just a few weeks away. Bloody hell, I do remember this? Its 07:55am,  I have just got up and made my bed. This is going to be a Giel day. When the Dam was about to be borne, they had to get everyone from their houses in Lady Bower. That was the name of the town. They moved everyone further up the hill to be homed again. The old village was sunk in the water when the Dam was opened up. When the Dam uses too much water, the level goes down. Then you see the old spire top through the water. “Hello, welcome to my world”.

I was picked up at 12.30pm by Janiece, we then went over to the house and we collected David. Woohoo. I was going to get Dez, he had moved into the Jurys Hotel, in the town, Sheffield. I couldn’t wait. The last time he was in my company, I was a right mess. I had lots of tubes from my head, or should I say, my half of head. Ooops!!! Dez was waiting outside the front Hotel door and I got out of my seat in the car and I ran to him to welcome him, I couldn’t stop myself, there was so may cuddles and kisses, my happiness was sooooo happy, I loved it. How can you feel how happy you are!!! Well I know, I’m soooo happy I smile all the time, I have the biggest grin on my face, smile, smile, smile, smile. I have known about Dez coming for quite some time but I just thought that it would be a normal meeting, oops, no, I never knew that the love was sooooo happy. My eyes are dripping just now as I am crying as I am happily writing about him.
Well, go pictures go!!!! I love the pictures for my stories, it does make you smile, it makes me smile anyway, does it make you smile!!!!! Write and let me know eh!!!

When we get to Lady Bower we found the starter area, with the toilet and a nice cake, and coffee and tea, yummy, yummy. Dez and I got into our ususal chatter. We can’t stop, blether, blether, blether, and totally forget anyone else who is around us, blether, blether, blether again. We were looking out at the Dam, wow, the water looked so peaceful and quiet. That just remind’s  me of  the sights that I had before I had my Subarachnoid Brain  Haemorrhage. It made me feel all pink and fluffy, hmmm.
I took a lovely picture, YES it was Janiece with her back, bum and legs walking, what a photographer I have become. Dez  I laughed like a couple of kids, snigger, snigger, “Oops Sorry about the picture, hee, hee, hee” Dez and I tried to keep our mouths quiet. Shhhhh. The views were awesome, brilliant, cool, fantastique, leggy jelly sight.

Derwent is now a Dam Museum, the planes during the war times used this Dam for dropping their bombs, to have a trial bomb drop. They must have done a good job as we are all here now. Dez and I are great models for our picture story, hee, hee. The walks were lovely, breathtaking, I loved all the trees, I think Janiece was really in love with one of the trees, he, he, he. “It’s ok tree, we all love you too! I think I’ll call you Frank.Hmmmm.”
The stones were a great feature for us to look at and the trees about us, what a great way to relax, moving from one car parking to another. Park, get out of car, look, pictures, blether, sights, car, park, look, pictures, blether, sights, car, we had a nice   routine and restful way to see everything. There was a bomber plane just above us in the lovely sky, I think he was doing some sort of  flying entertainment for us in the sky. It looked cool. The Dam flyers, during the war, used to drop their bombs, the bouncing bombs on the Dam. They must have been quite good at this trial bomb session. Hey we are all here now. 
Me with Charlotte & Jonathan

We did lots of stop and move to the next position. We went for a blether again, well I am the blether person, I will put up my hand for that. David took the picture for Charlotte and Johnathon, they wanted to have a physical picture for their memories. They wanted their picture and we wanted our picture, it was quite a good deal, here I go again, I blether to them and I asked them for a picture with me. I have given Johnathan my blob address so he typed it in his phone. I asked them if I could put their picture in my story and I say “Hello Charlotte and Johnathan, I hope you both had a wonderful cycle. Janiece and David and Dez say Hi also. I hope you both try and look at this and see your picture.”  I have my subject waiting for my requests. Do  you know I’m called Qeenie from my nurses in Osbourne. Now that I talk I do love it, I was lost for such a long time. My voice must have hidden somewhere in my brain for suck a long time. I shake head and say tut, tut, queenie, where were you hiding that beautiful voice. It’s a shame hiding this voice from the whole world, ( or maybe from my world). I thought David would fall into the Derwent Dam, he came running back as I was worried that he may fall in. Thank you Lord. He’s here now. Ahhhhhh.

We get ready to leave the Derwent Dam. Good bye water and trees.

Hello “ Lady Bower Pub “.
Janiece has booked us for our dinner, ( picture’s again) where is my MODEL !!!!  We all got beautiful pictures of our food so I don’t mind sharing it with you all. LOVELY

We all ordered our starters. Dez and David has some Humous  with Baba ganoush and Pitta bread. Janiece and I had a pork and chicken terrain with pistachio and with a large French  stick. Wow, we all enjoyed our starter. Yummy, Yummy, Yummy, Yummy.

We moved onto our mains. Here goes. Now Dez has a lovely guinea fowl  with cranberries in the wood for a lovely, gorgeous picture of his piece of food. He had carrots, string beans and new potatoes. David and Janiece both had the ladder steak with parmesan covered hassleback potatoes. I had a medium well fillet steak, chips, onion rings and peas.  Pepper sauce came later.

I’m home and getting ready for bed now.  I wont speak tomorrow as I am having a bedroom strike.

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