Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sunday 15th July 2012

Good Morning My World.

I’m going to get ready for the Neurocare charity it’s a “hide the bear”  find and look. All the kids will be trying to find a bear that’s been hidden. I’m going to be the biggest kid there, I will just have my eyes looking for the bears……shhhhh….
I have to be silent and  not tell any children where my eye’s are going to. Gosh it’s hard trying to be silent. Now that I talk after my long silent period I love talking but I have to be QUIET……Shhhhh…….
The weather is absolutely BEAUTIFUL.
I’m going to go and have my coffee and be prepared for my excitement at the hide and bear “ooh  I’m so excited shhhh’
Must get ready for my breakfast and I will make tea and coffee for Janiece and David.
Its 08:30am Good Morning Again I’m excited.................

Me with Millie who used to be Art Therapist at Osborn 4
Me with Emma Douglas Neurocare Head of
Now listen here Norbert, I want to tell you a story......
Me with Norbert & MC Nige
MC Nige, Emma & Me :) :) :)

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My new best friend........Norbert xx

MC Nige and family

We got down to the Endcliffe Park at 11am. I had such a lovely blether. I love talking,
 I can’t believe how quiet I was……WOW. Everyone that worked at Neurocare were so good at listening to me. I spoke to everyone about the documentary on Thursday12th 9pm July 2012, it was very interesting about “Living With My Broken Brain”. 

The presenter was Maryam D’Abo, I recognised her from my earlier T.V. She used to be an actress on the JAMES BOND films and other t.v. shows.  In 2007  Maryam D’Abo had a Subarachnoid Brain Haemorrhage just like myself. The only difference is I got a stroke at the same time….lucky, lucky me he he he,  I do feel the humourous  side of my tongue. I’m actually very good at speaking. 

In 2009 Maryam D’Abo was ready to go and do documentries  rather than the movies. She was very inspiring, she got you moving ahead, being in control, letting our heads get together, sort out our ideas. We had Quincy Jones, he was a …music……..? he had his haemorraghe when he was 41yrs old, he’s now almost 80yr’s old. We had Robert Mc Crumb he had his novel named “MY YEAR OFF” clever boy, the things he wrote about when he was getting super and better, fantastique.
There has been …….. Proffessor Susan Greenfield, Neil Kitchen, Dr Neil Martin, Dr Keith Black, Mr Henry Marsh, Proffessor Ramachandran, Dr Paul Broks,
Dr Ray Chu, Keith Richards, John Mazziotta and Sherrie B.I text a  message to Ketty and her children Johnathan and Chloe. Ketty is Cristian’s sister, she is having a lovely family time in da Riccione  ITALY so I have sent a message from Bolsover, Sheffield. Hello to Italy Ciao.

 I thank you all very much. xxx

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