Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Monday 16th July 2012

Good morning my subjects it’s 07:30am and I need to go to the farm at 09:30am. I’m going for Fruit-n-Fibre cereal and a coffee and toast in my room. 

It’s been good getting breakfast and shower early so that I’m ready for my farm work.It has been nice with the animals, today I have cleaned out the hutches with Daisy my helper/worker.(she has been great). I have given the rabbits new names from me, I hope they didn’t mind having lots of names. Sorry, Sorry.

 It has been good having some physical exercise. I was totally puffed out. I cleaned out six hutches for the rabbits. It was smelly with wee wee and poohs. Yuck.

I spoke to the staff about watching the documentary about “Living With My Broken Head” I talk so much about this……….I must talk less…….

When I had my lunch I had a facebook text from Neuro Care that they had one of my pictures. I was very happy that they paid attention to me and they got involved in my BLOB or BLOG through the Facebook, WOW I thought WOW again as I got a call again from Neuro Care that they had 5 pictures of me for their internet…..WOW, WOW, WOW. 

My neighbour Alfonso and I thought that I would do the words and he would create the music with his rhythmic tunes to make the song for Neuron Care. This is going to be a very strong, mentally, hopefully challenging mission for us to do. Tonight we got out our band name, we decided “The Two Broken Heads”. I thought that was pretty cool.
Then we thought about the name for the song, it was “Lost In A Pink Cloud” That was pretty cool in my thinking again .I have written the first verse but I will not say it just yet. Shhhh secret. We went downstairs and had a 30minutes on the guitar and the words. Lets clap our backs for getting that done so far……I hope we can do it for Neuro Care (we shall have a little prayer!). I will try my best to get him back into the music again.

Let’s get our heads together. <3

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