Sunday, July 29, 2012

Monday 23rd July 2012

This morning it was an early start for me going to The Clowne Farm at 09:30am till 12:30pm.

 We had a great day again. Being physical can be so wonderful. I feel so fresh. I was told to do the plants on the outside of the fence at the farm. I planted some pansies and other flowers  The other person is Liam, he has collected soil for me as it’s too heavy for me. I do appreciate all the help, “Thank you Liam”  When I finished at the fence, I was ready to go back to the office on the farm and be ready for our pick up.

I spoke to Ian about the Neurocare Charity that I’m going to do next year in April 2013. Ian said that if I sort out our  paper signs for our charity that he will go and put them up on the walls at the Clowne Farm office. When we have done our work  we went to  the office. Ian came with us and he helped showing us the Turkey chicks, Wow there was two chicks, fighting their way out of their shells. They were so lovely, just breaking their way out into the fresh air. I decided to give them new names, 1. Cristian  2.Pansy
We got home at 1pm for our salad sandwiches hmmmm. I couldn’t  understand why I couldn’t sleep. “Bummer”
I just went to sit outside in the sunshine, that was lovely. I had my dinner at 5pm, it was quiche and salad. When I went back to my room, my phone rang from my mum, it was great to have the conversation. My mum asked me if I’d like to speak to Aunty Cathie in California. I said to her that I don’t  know  how to organise it but then she said that she was on SKYPE  to Cathie already. So we had actually a three way talk. I spoke to mum from Bolsover to Dunoon, then she skyped to California from Dunoon. I cant believe that it worked. THANKS. As we spoke about the travel yesterday, that was funny. I then spoke to them about saying to Robert that I would babysit Boyd when he was 16yrs old. He He He. It’s now another busy day for me, I’m shattered, pooped, done in. Speak to you all tomorrow, I’m knackered, nite, nite :)

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