Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday 22nd July 2012

This is frustrating sometimes!!

I woke up at 04:40am, I went to the toilet again, sleepy, sleepy, sleepy, then I went back to bed. I’m knowing that I am in charge of my bladder even during the nite time sleep. I woke up at 06:40 so I just had my coffee and toast. After I pottered about I decided to do my excersises at 10:30am.

It will be good getting my circulation back in my legs properly. Do you know that some days I only have a small pain in my three toes, between my right large toe and my right small toe.  Now sometimes, just like today, I feel my right leg lives somewhere else. I don’t feel that it belongs to me hm hm hm.

I took my hula hoops out the backdoor and I exercised just like the good old days. Do you know I can get 2 hula hoops around my waist at the same time!
Great good old days back.  :)
Alan and Monty came round to see me late afternoon. I found the story from this morning…….Alan took my mum to the train station for her to get back home to Glasgow. Well Alan put her on the train to Leeds!!!! Why it’s the wrong train :(  My mum got off the train at Doncaster, she would get the next train to Edinburgh. My mum left at 11:00am on the wrong train. Then she eventually got to Glasgow at  5:30pm then she got a bus to go to Dunoon, she got there at 6:30pm, she was soooo exhausted. Poor mum, I felt so sorry for her journey :) you can only smile at the mistake. Oh!

I’m looking forward to seeing Dez on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I’m getting quite excited we shall all have a great weekend.

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