Sunday, July 29, 2012

Thursday 26th July 2012

Morning world, I got up at 02:40am, it’s the routine again. I have just woken up, it’s 08:00am. I’ve got Will & Grace on the t.v. like I used to watch when I had the time off from  work. I’m going for my breakfast now :) Breakfast was Weetabix and coffee and toast. I love my start to the new day, it’s gorgeous. I pottered  around and wrote a lovely 4 pages letter  writing to a friend. I can be quite intellectual.
When I finished my letter at 12:30pm I felt great. It’s good when you get the curlers off you’re head. I like remembering all the old saying’s. 

 I just stayed at home until Kai was coming for me. I was so excited when I seen him. I couldn’t stop hugging and kissing him. The last time he saw me I had my  druggy needles beauty. I do try to be my best. Ahem. Poor Kai, I couldn’t even say hello. I’ve made up for it now. I love saying Hello, Hello, Hello.
Kai-Uwe Stutzkeitz and myself went to the Bolsover Castle. This is my 3rd  journey to the Castle, I do like living just beside it. It is so calming on you’re brain, it keeps you aware of all the things that happen to you. Hey I have £1:30 can I maybe buy myself a Castle???? Maybe I should try that eh!!
When Kai-Uwe Stutzkeitz and I got into the reception  we both went up for a cappucinno and we had a carrot cake slice each. Wow that was yummy. I started talking to the couple on the next table. They were Jackie and Nigel,  Jackie loves working on her plants, she must be a great gardener. Well done Jackie. Nigel is a volunteer for the Maston Vale Forrest. Well done to your volunteer Nigel. We had a nice wee blether again. I just can’t help this talking again. I never know what my brain is up to, dear, dear, dear. We went back to the reception and Kai-Uwe Stutzkeitz  paid for my entry. I thank you sooooo much  :)
Hey I wonder where he picked her up?????  Kai does the good exercises phhh*** I did try the brilliant stallion mare horse. We got the scale of our castle and got a lovely tree to lie there shaded from the beautiful sunshine. Kai is good on a fire and he likes the bread ovens. The scenes inside and outside are gorgeous. The pictures on the ceilings and walls were pretty cool. The garden was lovely too, there has been so much from these rooms and painting’s.

 As we were almost finished from our Castle journey, Kai still wanted to climb, climb, climb.

 We eventually got back to the reception and met Aimee Dobbs, she works there. Aimee told me that she read my blob, her dad is not very well. I can tell there is a lot of love there, she reads my story to her dad. I’d like to know that he enjoys it. I like doing my wee stories of my day and I put on the pictures. 

We both went home for our pasta dinner, I was good, I was on my diet Irn Bru and Kai bought them some vino, cheers all around the world. It was very good as I rang the door at 8:30pm, I got home at the exact time. Wow I’m good, thank you all xxx.

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