Sunday, July 29, 2012

Saturday 21st July 2012

During the evening, I woke up at 1o’clock. I just got up and used the toilet again. I have become more aware of my bladder, I’m pretty good and I’m in control of the bladder.

God you're gorgeous!!
I got up this morning at 7am. “the usual” I got up again for the toilet and in during that moment I looked into the mirror in the toilet and I pointed my finger and said “god, your’e gorgeous”. Straight away I go and get my phone for the picture. That was funny. I  then  took  my phone and  got pictures of my cereal. I had a laugh at myself.

When that was over I went to my room for my shower.
I prepared my clothes for the day, it was beautiful. I had my white top and white linen trousers then I had a bright yellow cardigan from Calvin Klein and bright yellow shoes from Gabor. Hey I was a pretty chic queen. I do love my clothes and shoes, I can remember having the good things in my life before I had my Subarachnoid Haemorrhage. Things are really coming together for me, its amazing.

 My little sister Monty, she was coming to collect me at 11:00am. We were going to Chesterfield Market today so I just expected her and my brother Alan. My door went and I shouted “come in”. The door opened and who was it “MY MOTHER”. I was so excited and my mother was my biggest surprise, it was so awesome. My mummy gave me a beautiful fridge magnet it says “Every time a child is born so is a grandmother.” I felt sooooo happy, my mummy knew that I was about to be a grandmother. I felt so proud. I have just realised that I am going to be a “grandmother” WOW I thought my son was only 16/17yrs and just leaving school. Do you know that my son Robert is 23yrs old. My brain wouldn’t tell me the real age. I think the brain has hidden a lot of things in a pink bubble  in my brain, hiding, where were you? I’m so excited now that I am going to be the big, proud grandmother. I’ve missed the start of this pregnancy but I will make up for it now.

I had a good day at the Market with my mummy, Monty and Alan. We just went back to our sillyness as before. We played with my “wooden stick leg”. I never use it in the house but I take it outside just  incase,:- I want to grab a man, have a singing/dancing act with the stick, accidently hit someone with my curious stick, I could go on forever  hmmmmmmm. What will I get up to next!!!!!!!!

When I got home I phoned my brother Stephen in Glasgow. I was using my phone at my hotspot (rhubarb corner) in the back garden, then my son Robert arrives to see me in the garden,( he brings Julie and my Boyd. My baby boy, he’s not  here yet) hey this will be wonderful

I’m now 1yr and 2 days old, this is my reborn life.

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