Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Saturday 14th July 2012

It’s 06:15  -  Good morning.

We cannot change the cards we are dealt, it’s just how we play the hand..

I’m going to have a flutter on my Facebook, I can keep people happy on the line.
Well I can’t open the computer, darn it. I’m trying hard to remember (damn it) stupid things, I will get this done, maybe, hopefully, blast it, why do I not remember how to open the p.c.????  Its 08:00am and I’m bored now as Janiece and David are still sleeping. I can’t waken them up as it’s still early, I can’t waken them up, no I can’t,  I can’t,  I can’t,…….be good Pauline…..Ahhhhhh!!!!!!
Learning things in my new world can be pretty hard. Hey I will waken them up at 09:00am, well that’s a good time. I shall hmmmm  sing to myself. I keep singing Mash the music from the 80’s T.V. programme where they were in Korean army. Hey, it’s 08:30 and I hear them in the toilet, woohoo GOOD MORNING WORLD….
Hey I should get on my  Facebook  soon.  
I got  the coffee for Janiece and the tea for David, I made the breakfast drinks and took them upstairs, tea & coffee were made by myself, taken upstairs by myself, all alone, no supervision. YEAH. IM A GENIUS. I’m so good at being in control of myself.
When they got up for breakfast, it was great that Janiece could help me to open the p.c. When Janiece opened it I was so happy that I was me back on Facebook.. I had a lovely poached eggs, beans, and ham with toast, yum yum. I later sorted out that
Facebook  was going to be my saviour.
After our brunch I  watched my video that David recorded for  me on Thursday. It was great “Living With My Broken Brain,” It was the coolest documentary, I was so inspired with this documentary, hey, I couldn’t make a noise, I was so quite .Maryam D’Abo was presenting the show on LIVING WITH MY BROKEN BRAIN.
 Maryam has given life back again, she was an actress fro.m James Bond 'The Living Daylights'.   

Maryam had a Haemorrhage in 2007, she has had the same as me in the Subarachnoid Brain Haemorrhage. She started the documentary in 2009 . The amount of people who fought against the haemorrhage is amazing. All those people on the   “Living  With  My Broken Brain”   have been courageous, awesome, strong fighters, just like me………
QUINCY JONES 41yrs old he is a singer/songwriter, well known by all the world.? 

ROBERT McCRUMB   while he was off with his sickness he wrote a book  “MY YEAR OFF”  I need to read the book.

 MARYAM  D’ABO the actress and movie star, the inspirement to the suffers.
There has been quite a lot of Neurosurgeons – MY HERO Mr Patel, John Mazziotta, Keith Richards, Dr Ray Chu, Dr Paul Broks, Prof Ramachandran, Mr Henry Marsh, Dr Keith Black, Dr Neil Martin, Neil Kitchen, Prof Susan Greenfield.

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