Saturday, July 14, 2012

Wednesday 4th of July 2012

Wednesday 4th of July 2012

My mornings were just a usual 07:30 wake up time. The usual drum, drum moments.
Getting a visit from Steve from Brain Injury Services. His time that we had I thought was a quick coffee and a bye bye. Well I just amaze myself at the  conversation that I have these days. Well there was 10 to 15 minutes then it ended up 2hrs in my room with my conversation. I cant stop talking, I’ve had 10 months of this quietness that was lost in my brain, hiding somewhere. I had a fantabulous 2hrs with Steve from 2:30 -> 4:30pm.  I talked to him about everything. I couldn’t stop with my feelings about being treated as a child. People treated me as a child and never listened to what I said as my  words were all goobly and gaggley. Even although the family were there to see me in my bad, bad sickness time, I do love them all but I needed people to treat me like an adult and try to show me what was happening, not  to just arrange things without asking me. I want everyone to go to their homes and works and enjoy their weekends back at home. I can go back to my life. Woohoo thanks lord.

Its 1:30pm and I have a headache again, I feel the hurt but I love it. The pains in my body were hiding from me with the drugs. I used to love having the drugs I used to chew my pills (yuck) I used to think that they tasted lovely, and I liked the taste of them, now its throw them down the old neck……brrrrrr….
Mai un guasto, sempre una lezione.
Never a failure, always a lesson.

I have been out in the garden with my Hula Hoops.
Do you realise that I made my own Hula Hoops. I used to learn how to use them in London. We had the great time. It was a good way to keep your weight and health.

Yesterday I had a beautiful gig at 8:30 to 9pm at the bottom of our stairs. Alfonso sang and played the guitar. I am his groupie.
Alfonso sang again it was Skin Deep and he done his guitar. His guitar is going to bring back the rhythm from his fingers.

Well today is my 2nd Period WOW my body is gathering all its nuts and bolts .Ha ha ha, ha.

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