Saturday, July 14, 2012

Wednesday 11th July

Wednesday 11th July

The wake up call at 2am, I just thought that I needed the wee wee  toilet.

My wonderful big brother Brian xx
I woke up at 7am. I seen that I had a message on my phone from my brother Brian from Glasgow. When I seen his message I seen that he sent it at 01:45, this must have woken me up early at 2am. I realised that I must have been on his mind, he sent me “I enjoyed seeing you at your birthday. And you were good fun. Love you loads :)><3  I cried as Brian sent me his text that he loves me. I was a sobbing mess. 

Brian the pig lol
I was waiting for Janiece as we were supposed to go shopping to make my dinner tomorrow. When Janiece arrived I was still bubbleing, I couldn’t stop myself. I ended up foneing Brian to tell him that I was sad. I told Brian that I gave the pig a name “Brian” I’m clever to eh! 

I just decided that I would love to go home for the day and night. I went shopping with Janiece and we got the mince and pitta bread for the dinner. We were looking forward to see me cooking again. It was great making a chilli for Janiece, David and me .We bought the birthday cards for Pat, it’s her birthday tomorrow. 

Sheryl & Shane on their wedding day in Antigua
I was lovely looking at the wedding photos on  Facebook. Sheryl and Shane looked  amazing and all you seen was the love in their eyes. 

I’m going to bed now as I  have a busy day with Pat’s birthday and get to the hospital for Janieces  eye infection, just to make sure that it’s ok. She will be fine.

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