Monday, December 10, 2012

Friday 28th September

I woke up this morning at 06:20am to go to the loo. I could hear the singing from the night staff in the lounge. My hearing had become so acute now. I could have heard a cricket at the furthest place in the garden speaking in French, “haw hee haw Madame”
I went downstairs for a cuppa and I mentioned that I could hear the singing. I just told them that “I was just going to the loo, no worries. You didn’t awaken me, but I was just curious with my hearing now” I get so curious with everything that happens to me these days. It’s all within my body. My blood circulation, my bubbles, the sensory to my eyes, now my hearing. What an adventure my body is having with me.

I was watching Wright Stuff @ Channel 5.
I presentation was titled “DARK DATES”
I’m so curious about everything to get my life back, I need information all the time.
They were in NAPLES.
Alan Hunkes, (I’m so sorry for him :() he is a climber who has lost his way.
I shall pray for you Alan, I hope you find the path.
I shall send you my faith, my strength, my fight and my courage, just for you. XXX
Dr Rosemary Leonard was talking about babies and immunisation, babies do need protection, we should all stand up and work hard for them.
Babies need their mothers. I will there for them too, Julie and my grandson BOYD.  They want to put out a new immunisation on the 3rd trimester for mothers for protection against whooping cough.


Sometimes it is the smallest thing that I do, takes so much out of my body.
My body is repairing itself every single day.
It is absolutely hard work for me, mentally and physically. I cry a lot every day.
When I write on this I cry and cry and cry. I do realise that everyone was there through my sickness but did anyone actually KNOW me and SEE me, ME!
People look at me now and I think……….poor them. :(

Do people just see Me.
Do people just assume, that,  because I walk and talk and eat and breathe, I’m OK..
I’m the poor broken brain, no one ever thinks of that.
I don’t think anyone ever knows how to treat a brain injury person like me.
Everything is back to normal…………NO :(
I fix everything all by myself.
I’m the most important person to myself, no one else just me.

 I had a lovely morning/afternoon at the farm’s Gala day.
There was lots of people buzzing everywhere, looking at this and that, here, there and eyes roaming,  everywhere.
We then met Johnathan and Sharon, what a lovely couple.
Holly and Mark, what can I say GORGEOUS.
I spoke to THE FLYCHEESE PRODUCTIONS they specialise in
Working with People who need support to their lives.

There is no experience needed. You could create art using computers. WOW
Very interesting. You could become an artist, or gain qualifications?
Imagine producing DVD’s of your work, entering Film Festivals, or just get your own work online. Let your brain take a trip further down the lane. What could you do?
How far could you go, that is very encouraging for me J
Have a look if you would like a trip on this path.
James Sparidge, very   ******pic for words
The next couple I met asked me if I could show them around the farm so I accepted to become their “showing person”
They thought that I worked there so I couldn’t burst their bubble. Not now!

David Walker, he is a poet and a song writer. I’m very impressed with his achievements. Davids girlfriend is Sharon Dye, she writes with a song friend.
She is from Hotling Wood/Stavely. Sharon loved all the animals. She definitely has a good bond with the animals. Maybe David will write a wee poet or a song for his experience today. What a result that would be.
Sharon showed my her little rescue baby that she had.
Yes, it was Jimmi the Teddy Bear, what a little cutie. I have quite a few of them!
I was so proud as Sharon said that “I WAS INSPIRATIONAL!”
I’m blown away with her comment, I’m agag. I shut up quite a few minutes 5 or 6.

Ian Boyd asked me to carry on with being his chef.
I carried on with the BBQ’ing. So now I am a CHEF. I have put on my new vocal accent in French. Comment ca’va m’es ami, bon jour monsieur, haw, hee, haw.
What a wonderful day this has been so far.
Mark Goucher Ltd presents:-
Chesterfield Venues


Fri 28th Sep 2012 7:30pm
Pomegranate Theatre
CIRCLE D4        £19:50
This was my venue for the night. Actresses were:-

There is only a few words I can say. I did a lot of concentrating on their language.
I laughed so much, I nearly was ready to pee my knickers. Oooops!
I thought that was funny :)
Panoonagh, clitoris, (shhh c**t), booty, my booty!
You can all use your imagination now. That was the best giggle for me.
The lights were down and just a solo light on each actress, my eyes were giving my brain a different pulse on going to sleep. I was yawning but I was as bright as a daisy.
It felt quite good, feeling all my senses in the darkness. Woooooooo  scary  sound :)
I had a superb evening out at the theatre, will I say anything yet! NO, LATER.


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