Monday, December 10, 2012

Monday 24th September

I got up this morning at morning time could I be bothered with the time!!!
Not really.
I felt quite excited about the farm so I put on my wee jumper and my big jumper to my knees and my joggies and my wellies. I WAS READY, I WILL TALK.
I know that with my ladies problem I physically could not push too many food items in the wheelbarrow. I thought, “I SHALL BE A STORY TELLER :)


I thought, great, at least I can blether to them. I can charge them to just listen to me. WOOHOO!
My brain was focused on what story shall I tell today. I have so many stories to tell now from the “CLARIDGES HOTEL”, “THE PUNK DAYS”, “BEING ON STAGE”, he, he, he. DOROTHY PAUL, BARBERA RAFFERTY, BRIAN BURNETT, CRUISING DOWN THE MED WITH JANIECE”, I have so many stories, they have all been entertaining over the years.
Hmmmmmmmmmmm, Yes, I sure should, confident, then mmmmmm maybe.

I got another chap at the door. Sorry, we have cancelled your farm today as you have to be careful with yourself these days. Well, I WAS GUTTED.
I asked her. ”Can I just go and pay them the money to tell them stories.”
I actually thought that would be easy.
Was it………..NO.
I think it was due to their insurance for me. My health was more important, my health was first on their list. I really can accept that they were looking after me, “BUT”.
For most of the day I just lay on top of my bed.  SAD, SAD ME.
I had all my images in my head again. I just could not stop this. WHY, WHY, WHY.
I went down to the kitchen for my dinner. We all had Lasagne from JAUNITA, our great chef’ess. It was “Tres, manifique, Madame”
I finished my dinner and went to my room for more writing.
I had to take off the bigger jumper and my oaksters were “sweating” HALLELUIAH.
I had to run downstairs and show them my sweaty pits.
The OAKSTERS, that’s the part of your body that holds you together between your arm and your shoulder.
Hey, I’m pretty good at eliminating one part of the body to the other. It entertains me.
I was on a different planet as I felt the temperatures on my body now. I smiled. :)


My son Robert was on the phone with me. We were talking about me going to see Boyd in the hospital tomorrow.  Tuesday 25th 2012. 
My body was running all over the place for me. I felt the courage that just suddenly arrived to me as I was desparate to see Boyd.
I desired to meet him and say “HELLO, Can you hear me, see me, can I cuddle you!”  
I was so frightened, when I seen the tube in Boyd that took me to where I was before.
I was excited, but I was also, SCARED.


Words arrived on my doorstep, did they mean anything to me???

Keith & Roy Watson.  Michael.  WH Smith publishing.  France.  Stepbrother?
Flower Power. Blood Bank. North – South.  Sister.  Nurse. Going to see Twiggy.
St Catherine’s Hospital, Balby, Doncaster. Pensilvania.  2 weak/week.  To Eight.  Treesa Green.  All back to barking mad. Leaf me alone.
Sat in the hospital, ORSPITAL, HORSEPITAL.
Did you ever get wet in a field??

My washing machine was definitely on a full load.
I know loads of everything but I knew nothing!!

I had my drugs and went to my sad bed.

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