Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Monday 8th October

When I awoke this morning it was 08:00am. Yes it was 8am. Woohoo!!!
Last night I was in my nightie at 8pm.
I felt drained after my feelings and emotions throughout the day on Sunday.
I had my drugs  and I turned off the lights and watched channel 5 for the movie.
The previous movie was just finishing.
The next short movie was on from 21:00 – 21:55pm.
I lay on my bed watching the start of the movie with the channel changer in my hand.
I thought, 55mins that should be ok then sleep. Perfect.
I only got about 5 – 10 mins into the movie and I totally crashed out. I must have been so peaceful as Joyclin was sitting beside me with her bright crown sparkling at me.
I have had Aunty Cathie and Uncle Hugh, and Joyclin and Des and a bright crown on Joyclins head taken in Las Vegas years ago. The picture is always there for me.
I did not get up in the middle of the night for a pee. NO. I never.
That was just after 9pm and woke up at 8am. That was how much sleep?
10hrs and 45mins sleep. No waking up for the loo!!!
I had the most perfect sleep.
I slept like a baby.


When I woke up I still had the channel changer in my right hand and the channel was still on channel 5 on a low sound talking. It was now cartoons. That made me smile.

I got myself ready for the Clowne Farm.
I decided to tell my little story to Mark and Sophie and Jack Boyd. They were enjoying my story again, maybe I should do a book while I’m on my days off? Eh!!
As I was about to start on my story for today and all of a sudden Mark opened the hen and cock’s rooster area. They were flapping all over the pathway. Liam was trying to get them into their house now. I was stopping the cockerel from escaping from us.
I chased it back into the hen house.  What a laugh we all had. I had forgot to bring my camera, what a plonker. That would have been a good picture, at least we all can close our eyes for the memories at the start of the day.
I love telling stories, it’s good for you’re brain. Just imagine all the stories and expanding all the stories you could imagine to have very interesting happenings along the path that we all take.
I started cleaning out the hutches. Poo, poo, definitely a good clean out today.
I looked in Salvatore’s hutch, I kept calling for him but there was no one at home.
Oops! He was in the bigger hutch with Cristian and Richard. Ahhh. Thank goodness.
I felt more at ease that I found him with two big brothers.
I changed the fluffy rabbit’s new name to Francois the little French madame, oui.
The next hutch was Monsieur Jean Philip, I’m on a good name day today.
I was making the hutches all sparkly today. All these little French little rabbits.
The next hutch was Salvatore???? Why is there an Italian rabbit today??
Mon dieu …………..
I then sorted out Jean Paul and little miss Fifi.
The French language was flying all over the bedroom areas for them. Ooh, la, la.
When I got into the bigger hutch it was the rabbits called Cristian and Richard.
As I was cleaning the area Richard kept eating my plastic gloves and pinching me.
Ouch, you naughty rabbit boy, I thought.
They do make me laugh.


Meg, Pippa and Blue all turned up earlier for a pressie. They were getting quite excited about their gift today. They all chose what toy they would like to have with the sniffle, smelly smell.
Our car pickup was here so it was time to go. I had spoken to Ian for an invoice earlier but he was busy with calls. No worries, I’ll see you next week. I waved bye bye.


My sister came to visit me today! She asked if I could see her and I said yes!
I thought OK, no worries,
Why did my sister not make an appointment with me beforehand, instead she just turned up and expected to see me? I do have a life you know!
I could have had an appointment with my friend?
Why did my sister expect me to be able to answer all her questions straight away!!
Does anyone actually know what a Subarachnoid Brain Haemorrhage is!!
Does anyone really know what job I have to do for my brain to get fitter, brighter and better?
I don’t just click my fingers and suddenly I’m better. PLING!!!!
I think that everyone thinks that “PLING, I’m better!”
I think they were all clicking their fingers too.
Questions and Answers:- What door I lived behind? Who I had “s..” with?
Can I remember this? and that?
All these questions are not relevant to my injury.
Why do people expect me to answer such irrelevant questions?
Even if I never had the injury would I need to remember all these stupid questions?
The “meeting” we had lasted 10 minutes. Apparently I act just like Janiece!
What a compliment I received.    “ Janiece, You’re worth it”
Christine’s supported carer’s written words for the meeting lasted 30minutes.
30mins for a 10min chat with me? Hmmmmmm
I went downstairs and started talking to one of the carers. All of a sudden my sister turned up with the supported carer after their written notes for my profile.
I had been on the list for Des’s birthday doo with all the family for a long time.
I remember putting down my starter, main and dessert for our dinner a long time ago.
It was such a shame that my sister said over my voice to the carer that I was talking to, that my mum, my brother Brian and everyone else was there to celebrate a family doo with Boyd. :(
I was so sad that no one asked me to join the celebration with Boyd.
I would have dropped everything for Boyd.
Des would have realised the most important thing to me.
It’s such a broken heart and sadness to me that no one asked me about the family get together. I am a grandmother. :(
I truly couldn’t understand why my mum or my brother Brian never even asked me to their celebration. I’m definitely in the bad corner now. TUT, TUT.
I have been so sad and broken again but I will fight my way back.
It is a struggle but I will get there. 
Sometimes I do stray off the path, it’s natural, but I will take a new step every day.
I still can’t get over the fact that my sister bragged about the celebration with my mum and my brother Brian and the other family members in front of all the staff here. NOT ME :(
I am SAD, SAD, SAD, all over again.
I will fight all over again.
The first day that I went to see Boyd was the most terrifying day for me.
I relived my injury all over again.
To be left out of the celebration without a single word to me is so sad again. :(
Did anyone think of asking me!
I’m the person with a Subarachnoid Brain Haemorrhage!
I’m sure no one else has it?
Does any one know what this injury is all about?


Andy Gas Man

Andy had a lot of gassy things to do. Do I know all the terminology……NO
We are both the same age, we both were born in 1963.
That was a great start to our knowing of each other.
I made Andy a cappuccino and gave him my card as a gift from me.
It’s nice to share my life.
I told Andy what happened to me and I explained that I lost my voice and my legs.
He was quite agog about the severity of me, earlier in my sickness.
We were sitting at the table and Andy was doing all his sums for the gauges or something like that, something intelligent into work.
I told Andy that I felt like a school teacher, it was like I was looking at him with his numbers, the adding and subtraction.
The talking was getting more personal about our lives these days.
The brick fell from the sky, that’s what happened to him.
Andy was a great fighter with his strength in 1987. I was 24yrs old and so was he.
Hey Andy, I hope you liked your cappuccino made by me.
I’m going to make a cappuccino for myself so give me 5 minutes OK :)
I’m back.
When I got back to my room the telly was on with Paul O’Grady who was continuing his time in the Battersea for cats and dogs.
Did I think that was my life so far with the farm little animal’s. Hmmmmmm Think.
I got to my bed just before 10pm.
How quick I fall asleep these days, I close my eyes and that’s me, fast asleep.
Content but sad!

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