Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Friday 5th October

I got up early as I had a busy morning to go through.
I knew that Steve Government was coming back for our wee chat. This was our 2nd meeting this week, how long will it be before I let him go!!!
He goes, he doesn’t, he goes, he doesn’t. One of these days it will happen.
We talked about this and that, it was very interesting to me.
Steve used to be a Cathartic ********???????Physiotherapist
He used to help people who used to release their emotions with his magic brain.
We spoke about my future. Where shall I go to now????
I use my brain on what openings are in the future for me.
After April next year how many kilometres shall I progress with?
I shall go on an adventure with my brain.
My brain has been on another planet today, I think, think, think.
One of the girls asked me if I’d like a wee foot spa session.
She asked me before or after my dinner. I said “after dinner please”
I asked if I could have the foot spa after my dinner but I was surprised at the extras that she would do for me!!! My brain level was on an extra planet.
When we got the spa ready I put my feet carefully into the water Ahhhhhhh
What a lovely feeling that my feet were having. I put the bubbles into the spa, did I realise how much bubbly stuff I put into the spa. I really did not know just how much bubble I put in. Did I realise how bubbly it went with the spurts of water sprayed everywhere. We were trying to keep in control of the bubbles until, BLAST.
What a beautiful bubble baby I had. Have you never seen a bubble baby!!
Here. This is Bubblino, hello, hello, hello
It was quite funny acting silly, getting an effortless laugh.
I like to imagine with my brain now. 
The imagination can take you where ever you want to go to in or out of this world.
If you go out of this world you can be as bizarre as you would like to go to.
Five legged people with three ears.
Two legged people with seven eyes.
You can really use your imagination properly wild.
When the spa was finished, I had a lovely toenail file. It’s a good job I don’t have five legs to sort out five feet and twenty five toes. GULP.
I then had a peppermint cooling crème for my feet. This was a proper pamper. THANKS.
When we put Bubblino to bed and sorted out the spa I had a good talk with my friend LOZ, she has been my friend for 26 years so it was good to have the catch up.
We will get together very soon, she makes me laugh so much.
I love smiling, it’s easy.
I have had a cool chilli’n  evening

I shall speak to you all tomorrow :)

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