Monday, December 10, 2012

Thursday 13th September

When I woke up, I knew where I was. THANK GOODNESS.
I had such a strange night with my brain.
I really found it quite uncomfortable the way my brain was playing with me.
I’m ok now. I imagine my brain is adjusting itself in my head.
A little click here and there, to get it’s right notch.
Everyone has a different way to get their brain back, no one is ever the same.
We all choose a different way to get out from our lost head and get our brain back. Life can be very curious just now for me. I love having all my information on just about anything and everything. It keeps me another foot forward on my path.


I had such a beautiful morning with DEB’S. We giggled a lot. We laughed a lot.
We smiled so much. It has been an honour to have you here with me.
I truly appreciate all the attention you gave me, through up’s and down’s.


The DIY men Keith and Bill turned up again for their expertise on the accommodation. There is usually bit’s and bob’s to do.
I started my painting just after lunch, it was about 12:30. I knew that Deb’s was leaving our company today at 14:30. I thought that I would make her a leaving pressie from me. I went to the art room next door. Hmmm What should I retrieve for my art.
I picked up two little canvas’s. I have my own paints and brushes. MAGIC.
Do I know what I’m going to paint! Arhhhh  HELP Think, think, think. I could only think of a heart :)I went downstairs to speak to Deb’s and I asked her “what was your most favourite colour?” She said “GREEN”. I knew what I was going to do.
I went to the garden and plucked a few leaves off the plants. Great, I was going to use the fibre of the leaves, the veins for the background of my fantastic painting. Well I call my paintings “FANTASTIC” as I need a little bit of a nudge down the right way.
CAN I PAINT?  Hmmmmm……
Well I’m pretty crap at my paintings, I do have a giggle with “MY ART”
Deb’s wasn’t the only one leaving work today,
Kerry was in for her last day too at 14:30.
Deb’s was about to leave so I gave her the gift that I made for her leaving. Bless her she offered me some nice cake. I had to accept it, but I was very cheeky and I asked her if I could have a wee piece of them all. What am I like? She said YES. I had a wee piece of lemon meringue, the creamy sponge and???? can’t remember ???
I started the painting, it had green leaves on the background and a love heart, I thought it was lovely. Hey, I’m now a brilliant painter.
Thank you, thank you, thank you, my audience.
When staff did their change over, Kerry was full of beans. She made me laugh so much, it’s as if she was a little minx. Kerry you have been such a good giggle, it’s such shame you need to go too. It’s such a shame that I can’t go either, not to worry, I still have a few things to sort out on my titanium brain. Brains are very interesting.
I need to look closer at a persons brain, they are so intriguing. I’m constantly looking for information. I say that a lot, to anyone who will listen to me. The more I learn, the fitter my brain gets with all the information.


Kerry was posing in the kitchen for my story, well I did laugh so much again for her.
I found it very difficult to keep my face straight. I looked at Kerry’s shoes, well what another giggle. It was RED GLOSSY BOVVER BOOTS.
What would I paint for her after my dinner???
I thought and thought and thought.
What was I going to paint.

Red, glossy, bovver, boots, vases. Well I wondered what she would like for her pressie from me. She was going to get flowers from me. What a great brain I have these days.
I watched a bit of the Edinburgh Comedy Fest 2012. Could I concentrate on it? Oops! I can’t spend too much time watching the t.v. I really cannot concentrate just now.
My titanium plate usually has a bit of a jiggle with the rest of my brain just now.
It has been quite difficult to know what to listen to first.
I know it will take time to work that out with my brain.
As I was having my dinner the fan was on in the kitchen. Normally you wouldn’t even know it was on. One of my neighbours started talking to me, I knew he was talking to me but I just couldn’t understand what he was saying to me. I kept putting my hand up to my ear and saying “what!!!” I could not understand what he was saying to me. BLAST. The tiny little buzz of the fan sounded so LOUD to me. I tried my hardest to work out what I had to listen to again. It is quite exhausting for me with all these new sights, smells, sounds, feelings, thoughts, emotions, where can I stop!!!
I eventually finished my wee painting for Kerry, what can I say “MAGNIFICO!”
We had such a great evening for Kerry’s last night.
There was so much giggling, laughter, smiles, I can’t thank you enough for our time together. I hope to see you both soon.
You will both have so much fun in your new job, working together again. 

I can imagine all the things that you two will get up to now.
Maybe we can have a wee coffee and a girlie blether, one of these days, eh!!!
I said to Kerry earlier that I painted two little canvases in one day and there was only 8 days left to do my competition pieces. I put myself into the competition “TWICE!”
Crikes! Why did I put myself in twice. Eh!!! Stupid me!!!! When will I ever learn.

Sleep well everyone, as I do. XXX

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