Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sunday 7th October

I opened my eyes………….I didn’t care about the time……….
I knew exactly where I was………………………..I was at Des’s home.
The feeling that I had in my body was amazing!!!
I felt so content, I knew where I was.
Usually I have a heavy leg, like it does not belong to me any more.
Standing up in the morning, when I go to leave the bed, I can feel everything working itself in my body. I usually wonder what bed I am leaving from this time.
I moved quietly passed Des’s room and then Janiece and David’s room.
I was careful not to make any sound to waken them up.
When I got downstairs I used the loo. I didn’t want to use the bathroom upstairs, I thought it may make a noise and waken them up!!!
I was as quiet as a mouse.
I made myself a coffee and brought out my pc to catch up. Once I was ready I had to go to the loo again for some paper for my nose. My nose kept running. (no crying J)
I felt quite snuffled. It felt great that I was getting a COLD.
Normally I would moan and groan about a cold, but now, I love feeling the things that happens in my body. I’m a wee detective now.


I moved over to the lounge with my tissue in my fingers. Sniff, blow, sniff, blow.
I was so focused on the pictures on the table at the window. I sat on the end of the lounge table and I was scrutinising the pictures. I kept looking at them, I still had my coffee in my other hand and I stared at the pictures and then the CD’s.
Jake’s little plaque was in front of his picture. I knew that Jake bought that for his grandma Joyclin, the words were most loving and caring. I started thinking about the ages in the pictures now. I seen a picture of David as a child, that was cute and then I actually knew what twin was Aaron and Adrian. I’m a genius again :)
All of a sudden I heard some words from the kitchen. I turned around and seen Des??
How did he get passed me without me knowing??
I think that my mind was on so many things in my washing machine brain.
My brain flopping here and there and everywhere.
I went over to Des and I told him what happened yesterday.  
All of my emotions and thoughts and feelings were right in front of him.
Des then said to me that he was going to the cemetery to see Joyclin.
I was quite cheeky and asked Des if I could join him and to pay my respect to Joyclin.
Des agreed and I thought, I need to butter up Janiece and David for our transport.
I sat there clicking away on my p.c. and Des started to cook our breakfast.
The smell was so beautiful, even though I wasn’t that hungry I still wanted to eat. Hmmmm.
Janiece and David turned up for the special breakfast.
As we were all eating from our breakfast feast, there was still sausage, bacon, scrambled eggs, toast, ooooh it was luvely. I offered to eat all that was left.
I did, I ate it all. :)
As I was finishing my last piece of toast, the door opened up with our new guests.
It was Lolita, Alishia, Dean, Sarah and Ash.
It was such a nice visit from them.
Everyone was talking about the evening they all had, poor Sarah sat there with her nose all bunged up and red too. I thought poor me too, that was the first time that I felt the cold in my 2nd life.
Des wanted to visit Joyclin, so we all got together for our visit to the crematorium.
We all jumped into the cars.
As we were on our way to the crematorium we went past a chapel.
The brickwork was big stonework white and blackstone. It was a sandstone brick.
That just jumped into me. I now realise what it was.
This was where Joyclin lay and rested for us.
We drove on to the cemetery, Wilbury Cemetry.
When we got there we parked up. We all made our way to pay respect with our own words to Joyclin. I moved over to the bench and sat down. I took out my notebook and my pen. They looked over to me to make sure I was OK. I carried on writing.
Everyone finished their thoughts and moved over to the cars. Janiece stood beside me and asked me if I was ready to go to the car.
I asked Janiece just to stand behind me while I spoke to Joyclin.
When I finished my words to Joyclin we made our way over to the car.
We drove away so much happier, our smiles were so much bigger. :)
We then travelled over to June and Sam’s house, as Des and I stepped into the house I took Des’s hand and asked him to join me back into the garden.
I spoke and told Des what I had said to Joyclin. I said this was a letter for Joyclin and he had to keep a hold of it until he meets her again. I told Des that I have written the letter again for myself, it was very important to me.

This is what I said to Joyclin in her bed.:-

Dear Joyclin,
I loved your smile,
I loved the brightness of your eyes,
I loved the colours that you wore,
I loved the tightness of your cuddle to me,
I will always love you.
Lots & Lots of LOVE
Pauline Quinn XXX

Des has kept that letter close to him.
Des has the biggest smile on his face.
I do love you so much Des. XXX

Des and I walk back into June and Sam’s home again. Our afternoon was full with the love of the family. We giggled and laughed and I snorted (that was me, snort, snort!)
I felt that I could dance on my head.
Here goes…………………………..YES :)
Luke giggled at me and my sillyness
Aaron and Adrian are so strong and big, they held me upside down as I wanted to make me feel like I’m dancing on my head. Woohoo.
What a great finish for our respectful time with Joyclin.
June gave me a lovely box of herbal White Tea.
Sometimes tea is very refreshing on my plate.
Coffee at night ……..NO.     White Tea………..YES   PERFECT Slurp :)
Aaron and Adrian came home with us for a curry that Des made earlier.
We knew that Luke was being dropped off at the house after his football.
It was a 1-1 score. WELL DONE LUKE XXX
For dinner it was Des, Lolita, Alisha, Adrian, Aaron, Jake, David, Janiece and
Me, Myself & I, nine of us all having a great Jamaican chicken curry.
It was fantabulous, scrumptious, tasty, gorgeous, beautiful. YUMMY :)
Two boys 19yrs old. Hmmmmm Nice bum!!


We were all getting ready to travel home.
Aaron was in the car with Lolita and Alisha. They were travelling to Stafford.
Aaron has now got a placement in Stafford University.
I think of Aaron as a detective with a magnifying glass, who did this? who did that? what was this? what about that?.
Basically, I think he works out who is good and who is bad.
I think it may have an OLOGY in it somewhere?
Was it Forensic Science? Yes. He has loads of intelligence with that brain of his.
Adrian was leaving with Janiece, David and myself. Adrian has been placed in Loughborough College.
Adrian is going be a fitness guru guy, probably letters at the end of his name.
He will be exercising all day, hey “A FIT BOY” that’s my sense of humour.
He will be so fit, he will be the fittest boy that I know.
David was going to stop at the College on our way home.
I should have thought of a taxi fare. Hmmmmm. Maybe next time?


We all started going our separate ways.
Aaron / Stafford.
Adrian / Loughborough
Us / Sheffield

Adrian was talking to Tanisha or Taneesha?
I don’t know how to spell it correct but what a lovely name.
Was she out looking for you in a Red Virgin Balloon, you know the “HOT ONE”
I hope she is OK? He is 19years old!
Adrian has a busy brain tomorrow morning for all the sporty stuff.
It’s 6:20pm and Adrian is fast asleep.
We couldn’t have been in the car for very long and I looked over at the Sleepy Chops!
David was our driver. Adrian was his co-pilot driver. A.K.A. Sleepy Chop’s.
I loved looking at the clouds, I don’t know what happens with the clouds.
I’m so interested in them.
The clouds were so high, but also, so low at the very same time.
There was a little puffy cloud in one of the fields it looked quite bizarre? Why did it arrive so close to the earth.
I thought the cloud had put on a pair of size 10 shoes on as he was bored hanging about in the air.
It was 19:15ish for our arrival at Loughborough College.
As we were walking through the grounds, I seen into all the different kitchens.
Some college grads were cooking, some were laughing, there was so many talking.
As we walked past the ping-pong or table tennis glassy room the guys were waving with their bats at Adrian. Adrian waved back and so did I. I felt like I was at home.
It felt very good.
We got into his rooms building and got to the room. The second floor living area.
I went for a quick pee and when I came back the girl across the hallway asked him about his washing on Friday. He said yes that he left it on the airier in the loo’s on Friday. She ran back to her room and brought his folded clean washing to her. I was quite impressed with her attention that she gave Adrian. I was actually “gobsmacked”.
I gave Adrian a card for Tanisha or Taneesha. As the girl next door was inquisitive about the card, I gave her one. All of a sudden two more arrived at the door.
A boy and a girl, our group was getting bigger now.
The next two asked for a card each. They all had a card.
One of the girls looked at my writing on my card
Then one of the girls said that her boyfriend has the same complaint as me.
He has it right now.
I think it was due to a physical fitness work out thing.


It was now 19:45 we were going home!
Why do I change from 20hrs time to regular 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, hours.
I was listening to DJ MARKY MARK on SOUL RADIO SHOW.
What a brilliant weekender finish for me.
THANKS DJ MARKY MARK you put the last bit of bling on my weekend.
I was home and ready to go to my bed for about 21:00ish.
I had my drugs and in my nightie.
I couldn’t wait till I lay down in bed.
I felt so content.
What a joyful, peaceful, lovely weekend.

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