Monday, December 10, 2012

Wednesday 19th September

We all got up bright and breezy. We all had our breakfast. And we were moving.
They were lifting the carpets and putting the lovely cream flooring in the hallway.
We all moved from our main house to the arts department in our house.
We were all in this arty space with nothing to do really. No T.V. no internet, we just had a little radio in the background. I had letters to write so I kept myself busy.
We decided to play:-
“What can you buy for a fiver (£5)”
Charlie says – Empire State Building & Canada?
I, Pauline says – Edinburgh Castle & Eiffel Tower?
Alfonso says – Bolsover Castle & White House?
Dave E says – Champs de Lise?
There was a few suggestions, so we had the Niagra Falls and The Rockies too.
It was good for us to expand our brains.
We let the brain expand to another country in our minds, stretching the brain was a great physical job for us. Once we finished “buy our piece of” some started playing the game “FRUSTRATION”. That is how I feel.
I feel frustrated just now as I want to jump instead of taking a baby step?
I finished my letters and I needed to get papers from home for these letters. I decided to call Janiece again.
I asked Janiece to please collect me to go home.
I needed to go home and collect my papers for mailing. I had quite a busy day.
I then decided to send the girls my papers by FB, that way there was no missing papers this time. What happened to the last papers?
One minute papers have been delivered then they are missing. It’s a good job that I photocopy everything and nothing goes astray for me.
Job done.
That was my letters delivered.
What a good job done rather waiting for postal deliveries.
I was going to check out my FB for a wee 30 minutes before I went home.
I seen my messages on the FB and I had quite a shock.
I couldn’t really believe what I had seen, I could only cry.
I was scared with what I saw. I had so many emotions flying everywhere in my body.
I saw the picture of Boyd, my little grandson. I cried and cried and cried.
I saw that beautiful baby boy with a tube going into him.
I was exposed with my feelings, my emotions, my tubes, my sickness, my monitor.
I was totally “DONE IN”, fed up, tired, my mind ran away from me.


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