Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Wednesday 3rd October

I awoke at 06:10am.
Sarah was coming to see me for my Physio today at 2pm.
I just pottered about doing nothing.  :( I just cry
Steve Government was supposed to be getting here for our chat???
He’s not here yet??  Where is he??
I ended up crying in the office AGAIN :(
What a blubber I was.
I was sure that someone mentioned to me not to spend too much time with Janiece.
No one accepted that, so I just assume “What is going on with me?”
“I thought I am very alert!” Hmmmmmm
Steve Government turned up at 3pm?
He turned up and explained about his previous client?
His day was running too fast, but he had a lot to listen to.
Steve Government arranged his next meeting with me on Friday 5th October. GREAT
This guy has been with me from the very start. I have so much confidence in him.
When Steve is there, I feel like, I’m home, when he is right beside me.
The last time we were saying goodbye it lasted 2hrs.
I definitely thought bye, bye. Sorry Steve, I still call on you. Sorry, you’re still stuck with me right now. One of these days I will just call you for a coffee, I promise. :)
“I have faith in you, you’re worth it!”
I asked Janiece if I could go home for the night. I was fed up with all the crying and my body felt so heavy. Two steps from my feet was the heaviest two steps.
I was physically and mentally dead to myself.
Janiece came over to take me home. I just wanted to lay on the sofa and do nothing.
I didn’t even talk,.
I didn’t do the e-mail,
I didn’t do any phone calls,
I lay back and rested, I done nothing.
I went back to bed.
My head and body was heavy again.


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