Monday, December 10, 2012

Tuesday 2nd October

I woke up at 05:50 for the loo. Everything was black.
There was no moon in the sky, where was it hiding?
I could only see the first star in the sky, there wasn’t even any light escaping from the hiding moon. Where was it? I took a picture of the black sky, there was only one star. When I took the picture the moon was there! The moon was hiding from me.
Oops! I spoke early this morning about my hiding moon picture.  Does my voice grow louder in the morning? I was telling them about my hiding moon, why does it appear from the clouds? You can’t see it visually but the camera finds all the pixels!  
It was about 06:20am, 
I needed to go back to my bed.
I was sad and I was heavy, I needed to go back to my bed.


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