Monday, December 10, 2012

Sunday 30th September

I got up early to do my exercises again. I’m focused on my fitness.
I did my bike exercises and my physical exercises.
I don’t want to do too much as I need to treat myself properly.


Dear Colin Bennett,
                               What can I say Colin Bennett, I THANK YOU.
That is your message back from me to you. It has been very good
for Janiece being my P.A. I better pay her one of these days.Eh!!
What are you up to these days. Maybe I should come down to
London to catch up with everyone for a wee lunch or a coffee!
Send me a nice wee story if you ever have any time. I love the
stories these days. Did I write before………NO
I love to write all day long now, it’s very good for my brain, it’s
being reconnecting with me, it’s wonderful.
I shall catch up with you soon my dear.
Lots of Love Pauline Quinn XXX


Dear Tam Hodgert,
                              The phone call we had was very exhilarating.
For me it was pretty perfect to be able to speak again Tam.
Tell Val that I do love her also. It’s been fantastic to be able to
bring myself forward in my life. I truly miss you and Val but we
will catch up soon. Where are you now? Did you say that you
both moved down south or were you on hols and still in Glasgow
where you both lived when we both were in the Novotel? Give
me a wee letter please for us to catch up with life. Eh!
London was wonderful with Cristian, do you still keep in touch!
Tell Ekram I said Hi and how is his family. I shall speak to you soon.
Lots and Lots of Love Pauline Quinn XXXX


Dear Jim Moody,
                           How are you now? It has been a great thing to
get back on the right track. Remembering things has been quite a
toil for me to do. My brain gets so exhausted.
Remember The Greyhound Public House that we were in all those
years ago. The Bands, DJ HAGGIS, The Music and a stripper on
a HOLY SUNDAY AFTERNOON. Ooooops! What a laugh..Eh!
Can you remember the name of the band all those years ago. Hmmmm
They were a “ROCK A BILLY BAND”.  It was all boys in the band.
They had ¾ length cream jackets and greased back hair. They had
a big double bass, twirling it on the front of the dance  floor.

Lots of Love Pauline Quinn, p.s. catch up soon XXX

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