Monday, December 10, 2012

Thursday 20th September

The door was chapped at about 08:30 for me to have my drugs. I was still lying in my bed. When Violet Le Crac asked me through the door did I want my drugs now or would she call back in 5 minutes? I lay in my bed and could not move. I asked her to just open my door to give me my drugs. I know that I have to take my drugs every day, morning and night.
When she opened the door I was still lying down in my bed, I really couldn’t move any more. I was mentally stuck where I was. She even had to go to the fridge to get me a drink for me to take my pills. I truly could not physically move.
She left my room when I had taken my drugs. My eyes kept closing.I WAS STUCK.
I had put myself into a competition show twice. It was in Newark.
I still lay in my bed and the door was knocked again. The girl outside my door asked me if I was going to the competition, and was I going to be ready to go.
I told her “NO, I can’t be arsed with anyone.”That was so true, I just couldn’t be bothered anymore.I lay in my bed all morning, I could not move.
I WAS SO SAD…………. :(
Janiece phoned me later that morning. When I spoke to her, I said that I cancelled myself from the Newark competition. She mentioned that she was going to the hospital, would I like to join her for an afternoon out. I thought that would be good for me and I’d get some fresh air. Janiece arrived for me to go to the hospital with her.
We went in to see the eye consultant a Zanna Currie, what a beautiful girl.
She worked hard on Janiece’s eye.
It was a lovely blue colour, it was as if it was full of sparkles.
The colour fascinated me, it looked more natural than the one before. We all had a bit of a giggle now. I love telling my stories. We were leaving the hospital and Janiece asked me if I’d like to go home for a wee hour before I go back to my dinner time.
I had a strange feeling and I told Janiece that I didn’t want to go anywhere!
I pointed my finger to the main hospital. Janiece asked me “What do you want to do!”

I said “I want to go there!” I couldn’t let my eyes leave the building. I told her that I wanted to try to see him, Mr Patel. I knew that he was a busy man, busy with surgeries, busy with meetings,  busy with everything. I eventually got my pleading with Janiece.
I told her that even if he was busy I could leave him a note with his secretary Joyce.
We eventually met Joyce and “YES” he was busy. We had a nice wee chit chat and Joyce thanked me for the Lilly Plant on our previous visit. Joyce then told me that she would pass on my message to Mr Patel. Janiece and I left the office.
We walked out through the door and I turned to the right……………
I had the biggest smile from ear to ear, tears in my eyes, HAPPINESS :):):)
Who was walking straight up to me!!!! YES……..MR PATEL.
I just could not control my feelings towards him, Mr Patel.
I kissed and cuddled him so much.
I acted just like a child with the most favourite toy.
How many cuddles and kisses did he get from me…………LOTS.
As far as I’m concerned Mr Patel is my life, what a gracious man he has been.
I truly can’t help but adore you for giving me my life back…THANKYOU XXX
I have been on a different planet just now for my true happiness.
It has been a tiny effort for the kiss and cuddle and talk, to me it has been humungous.

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