Monday, December 10, 2012

Saturday 15th September

I got up bright and early this morning.
My routine was always getting up about 05:00am.
I actually didn’t like the early’s, I know I had to do it for my work as a breakfast supervisor in The Mercure Hotel.
I got up and did my fitness again. Phewww.
I have started making my new plans for my new life.
I have the focus, the fitness (nearly), the determination, hopefully.
I made a card and painted a little canvas frame for a friend, who was 20yrs old today.
I was quite excited about the birthday. Poor me, she had the day off instead.
I was preparing a wee surprise for her, not to worry I will catch up with her soon.
Today there was Wyatt Earp & Paul the Gardiner!!! Another talk-a-holic  marathon.
Dandy and I were talking about food again. Dandy was thinking about what to buy when he was going out. We chatted further then I offered him to have dinner with me.
I was making us a Prawn & Thai Green strong curry paste with egg noodles. Hey it was a pretty hot and spicy paste. Just Dandy keeps mentioning to me that he will make a curry the next time for us. I told him that we need to organise his dinner/cooking another time in advance. I smiled at him and I said thank you, I know he writes all the days of the week on his hand every day so he knows what day it is. I do realise that he has a forgetting problem. Should we all worry about a day of the week!!! Not really.  I’m just fine that I’m alive, that’s all that I’m bothered about these days.


We had the lovely dinner after our roomies finished their dinner. It was nice to prepare and actually cook. What  a joyful time we had, we laughed and laughed.
Our subject was my ankles. Yes, ANKLES. I still kept going on about my ankles, was it the fluid in my circulation in my body???
As I was confused I went to the office then I seen the NHS outfits, walking backwards and forwards with a laptop thingy at the bottom of the stairs. People were walking everywhere with a focus on their job. I then seen our manageress, Princess Tiah.
I was totally confused now with all the busy stuff.
Deep down in my heart, I was SCARED. I couldn’t help how I was feeling. I just knew that people were so, so busy. I felt that I was stuck to the one spot. I just stood out of the way downstairs and watched with my eyes open, did I blink! I don’t know.
I sent my friend Richard Green a txt at how scared I was. The lady and gent NHS people walked out into the garden. Well, I thought that they were going to an ambulance parked up. I was so confused still, why were they in the garden?? There was no exit there?? Where was my mind?? I never knew what was going on, I actually felt that I should know, WHY??? I’m so silly, I feel that I kneed all the information that I can get. The more I know the safest I feel these days. It’s such a tough job getting all my life back. I work and work and work on myself. I did hope that all was ok!!!
I jumped into my bed and I eventually got to sleep. My head had been so busy with all the craziness in my brain. It was great to sleep that Saturday night. Thank god.
Night, night.

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