Monday, December 10, 2012

Wednesday 26th September

I awoke this morning about 07:00am. I went to the kitchen for a coffee.
A nice black coffee, that will keep me on my toes. I started writing my letters.
People ask me to reply to the letter so my main focus is replying to them.
Was I going to type a reply in the letter? NO. Sometimes other’s think that I get someone else to answer for me. I have written on my blog, all by myself. That was my choice, to write my blog, no one else’s. It’s such a shame that people have made their own opinion of me!!! Que s’erat. I will get over it.
Now, the new day has a bit of a nervous niggle on my mind.
The time was getting on, so I had to go and have my shower. When I had my shower I laughed at myself.
My diary for today was at Welbeck Health Centre. I had the time at 10:55am.
My Dr Kettie Pope arranged for me to go for a review with the NHS Rachel Khine. She is a Senior Physiotherapist in Women’s Health Matters. I was quite good with my questions. I spoke, not too little or too much. I felt quite confident at my questions.
I did have a line that said “Clean Pants Please :)
I looked at my blogs again and I felt pretty good at what I have achieved already.
From page one it was three or four lines for my life. BORING.
Now where I am, I write four, five or six pages on my wee boring day. Memories jump into my mind as quick as scratching your head. I love using the words. I now have the courage for my life as it’s due to Boyd, my grandson XXX
My friend kept moving through the pages of my blog. They were on the 2nd and 4th of August. He moved the pages backwards and forwards, going over and over my words and pictures. I felt so honoured at his inquisitiveness of my story of him.


My mum phoned me later for our wee chat. She knows that I like all information to bring me back to this date. I love being up to date with all the news. I missed so much information in my Subarachnoid Brain Haemorrhage. I love that name.
I feel very brainy, intellectually clever.
I even like the fact that I can spell the names all without any dictionary or a naughty spelling list of words.
Mum started to tell me about TEXAS, the Glaswegian pop group. Ally McArlane has had a bit of a doo, dah, just like me!!! Ally is the leading guitarist for Texas. They  are recording with Mercury Records. I thought to myself.
Do I know someone who has a recording studio in Glasgow. YES.

Do I know who he is? I’m afraid not. :(
I shall be a detective and find out later, who is this guy? Hmmmmm. THINK.
I shall get out my big magnifying glass ……… and my pipe ………and my fancy hat, yes, a Deerstalker. I shall find out everything???

There had been no one to see me today, was it a cancellation? or too busy? for my physio today? No worries. I loved the fact that I seen my house buddy at 7:30pm  WALKING***
He deserves the three stars from me. I will see the walking again for more stars
I was absolutely chuffed for him, I am so pleased for him, I remember when I walked.

I ran into the loo downstairs for a loo, loo visit.
I knew that I need to go for a pee. There was a toilet and a bathroom.
It was about, what time! Yes it was after dinner, so I ran into the loo for a pee.
There was no one waiting to use it, yes, it was free and so was the bathroom.
I went to use the toilet. Aaaaaaah. I knew that I wouldn’t make it going on the stairs.
When I came out of the toilet,  Ooooops. I got into trouble for using the toilet!!!
I asked “WHY” She said that it was a “Staff Toilet”.
I said why did I not know that!
Why wasn’t there a sign on the door saying “staff toilet”.
I have been here since the 23rd of April 2012 and no one told me!!!
Sometimes I just dig my feet right into the ground, I need to know.
Why do I have to be told now, after 5 months???
I told her “A toilet’s a toilet’s a toilet” I will not let it go.
I need to know what is exactly happening in my new world. Communication!!
I thought, have I got a size 10 in my shoe?  Obviously.  “HERE I GO AGAIN”
I’m constantly nudging my nose against everything?
David listened to all my moans and groans. Poor David and his ears.
David deserves the stars, just like me and the bed.
I’m now sweating and I’m actually hot bloodied. WOW!

Goodnight All XXX

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