Monday, December 10, 2012

Saturday 29th September

The sunshine was up at 07:10am.
There was tweeting on Coronation Street, I started watching the Omnibus.
I need to catch up on a lot of the T.V. Eh!!!
I woke up at 5am. I looked in the mirror again and I seen the red colour on my skin again. It was on my chest and neck at the right side of me. I went back to bed to sleep.
I then woke up again at 07:00am. When I looked in the mirror it had to be a picture for me. “What is it?” I know that I don’t rub or scratch,. I sleep on my back that has been done like that for ages, all of my life, basically.
My leg feels heavy. It’s from my toe to my knee on my right leg? Oooops!
“What is it?”
What is the information, please. I move to the bike next door for my exercises
I took a picture again at Do the clouds affect me? STRANGE?
At 09:30am I looked at my knee again. From the big toe to the kneecap my leg felt quite  numb, it went from there to my “Dernier” my bum was cold.
Later I got a phone call from Janiece.
She forwards me my e-mails which I ask her for. Janiece is now my P.A. assistant.
I wonder how many I should have?


“Hi Lauren and Kip
                                Hi, to you both too. XXXX
                                How is life with you both? I have had a lovely time
with our conversations in the shop. I shall say this again with you both..
Thanks for the phone and did I say to you both about Rother Valley Park
next year for the Neurocare Charity. Walk 5 km with me? I will be a great
companion with lots of stories.
Choose a story you would like me to tell you it!!
I’m a good story teller :)
Lots and Lots of Love
Pauline Quinn XXX


Well Janiece and David went out for a musical, food, couple’s “thang”.
They had a proper couples romantic night out. Woooo.
They decided to go to LA FORET.
I used to enjoy going there before my illness/sickness.
I had a lovely message from guitarist, DARREN CAMPBELL.
I shall send you a reply now Darren.
Hey Darren,
                   How are things with you today.
Maybe we should arrange a little dance. Eh!
A little catch up, a little bit of your music and dance = happiness. :)

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