Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Thursday 4th October

I lay on my bed and I opened my eyes. “Who opened my door?”
I lay on the bed and thought “Who opened my door” again.
I lay there and started organising my brain, my brain was still asleep to me.
All of a sudden I saw David.
He was putting the bathroom light off and sneaking past my room. Ahhhh!
I knew where I was now. Phewww
“Good morning David, I seen the light on and the door open and I thought “Who opened my door” I shall go and put the kettle for you OK!”
The two of us quietly moved downstairs. I couldn’t find my lap top, I wanted to get up to date with my diary.
I asked David kindly, to fetch my lap top from the car. PLEASE.
When David done my requests, I organised getting my days up to date.
David ended up making me a coffee, not the other way around,. I would normally make him a tea but sometimes things are annoying my brain.
What am I like? “Can you do this! Can you do that! Can I, Can I, Can I”
That seems to be my middle name just now “CAN I”
I want things done yesterday not now!
I had a nice wee coffee from David and carried on typing to catch up.
David went off to work and left me typing at the table. I knew everything was OK.
Janiece was sleeping in bed and I knew there was no rush in getting ready as my dentist was at 12:20pm. Plenty of time to type.
As I was typing away I had to go through my sadness AGAIN. How many times have I gone through this SAD BLACK TUNNEL.. As I was writing about Boyd to catch up on my days, I had to relive my sadness all over again.
I was typing with tears in my eyes all over again.
I had to go to the toilet for a bit of paper for my eyes and nose. I then started bawling all over again. I was crying loudly and heavily, I COULD NOT STOP CRYING.
Poor Janiece heard me and panicked and ran down to me. I cried and cried and cried.
Janiece is always there for me, for a kiss and a cuddle. She makes me feel safe. :)


ARRRRRRRGH that was how I felt. Frightened.

Janiece took the fear away from me, she cuddled me and I didn’t feel scared anymore.
She gave me more confidence and courage to myself.
Janiece knows how to treat a brain injury, she has helped me all the way.
She has taught me how to be patient all over again.
She has had lots of patience for me, sometimes I am quite demanding and Janiece has always got the biggest smile on her face and a twinkle in her eyes. JUST FOR ME.


We get ready to go to the dentist and we book in for my check up on my teeth.
Janiece and I sit down and I get back up on my feet and look at the staff pictures.
As I looked at the pictures, I pointed at one picture and said nothing.
I just kept pointing.
I came over to Janiece and I sat down beside her.
I said that I thought the girl Claire Williamson looked after me in January 2011, or was it in April? It’s one of those dates.
When my dentist nurse came over I asked her “Are you Claire?”
She said yes and I said to her “You looked after me last year? I can remember you”
When we went into the dentist’s  clinic room I sat on the big chair.
We had to adapt all the wrong’s to right’s now on their records of me.
Janiece was going to add more items to my dentist record of me and Mr SZABO said he would write all the details for his records. He was busy writing away and asked me about the drugs that I took.
Janiece brought out all my drugs on the paper and he asked what had happened to me?
I mentioned about my Subarachnoid Brain Haemorrhage last year.
Hey I can write those words without any dictionary, I love it.
They were very impressed from the picture last year to being able to spell a big word.
I’m pretty proud of myself now.
We done our chit chat with Mr Szabo and Claire Williamson. It was time to leave.
I definitely learn something new every day. :)
We go out to the reception and hand over my new details now.
No2 girl, “I shall call her Sally!” was telling me a wee story about her boyfriend.
Her boyfriend had the same thing as me! ******** I did have stars in my eyes with her comment to me. I’m all AGOG now.
WOW, what a small world we live in these days.


When we got into the car, I asked Janiece if we could just drive, ANYWHERE.
My brain was playing with me again. I love finding old places as my new places.
I pointed again. (What am I like with my finger these days).
I rememberd The Treble Bob.
As we parked the car I told Janiece where the car was parked before. I was very confident with comments I said. Janiece was pretty struck down with all my comments.
When we walked into the Treble Bob, I remembered everything. :)
She couldn’t believe all the faces that I recognised. Our waitress was my waitress last April 2011. What a great result YES.
I went to the loo and seen the flowers in a vase on the sink area. I had to take a picture as this makes me even more confident now with my answers before a sentence is said.
When I was on my way back to the table with Janiece, she grinned at me.
I have more words to say. The blonde lady behind the bar is the manageress and she worked here last year. I know, I’m right.
The sofa  at the front door! Yes I’ve sat there too.
The waitress came over and asked us “dinner is ready”.
I was going for the CARVERY just like last year.
The chef came out to slice the carvery meats. They had Gammon, Turkey, Beef, Stuiffing Balls, Cocktail Sausages, Yorkshire Puddings. And  two Gravy’s.
The chef was a lady, yes, I’m sure she served me before too. :)
I asked for a bit of this and this and this and one of them, ooh and that too. :)
All the memories were dancing in my head, I was Sooo happy again. :)
The dinner looked and smelled gorgeous.
My photographer done the deed again.
When we finished our dinner the waitress came over and offered us “anything else!”.
I just needed to let my dinner digest, a coffee would be lovely now, I had a cappuccino to finish off my dinner.
I was so lucky that I remembered the chef, the waitress and the manageress.
I remember……WOOHOO!
We got into Drake House and went to KFC for the loo and an ice cream. We were very good and done half on the calories. 1 for 2. One ice cream for two eaters.
That’s a good way for me to lose weight J
As we were travelling home, there was still a TKMAXX visit for me as I needed some new clothes hangers. I didn’t like the metal hangers I wanted proper hangers.
I’m such a snob at times.
We got pinged again with our bags with alarms in my bag. Oops!
Who was the good detective? YES, BRAD @ TK MAXX
Brad was a cute wee boy, very polite, ooh loverly :)
I went home and had a fitful sleep. Yawn, yawn, yawn.

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