Monday, December 10, 2012

Thursday 27th September

Good morning, hi my listeners.
I went to my gym just after 08:00am.
That was a good wee exercise, that’s good for my circulation. GREAT.
Then I went to get ready for my HOOPS.
I was using my hula hoops on my wrists.
I put the hula hoops on my legs.
44 x leg right. Doing a circle ball in the air. YES.
29 x leg left. Doing a circle ball in the air. Not as good as the other leg.
Then I done the two legs together having a wee twirl with the hoops.
There was no running away from these legs……….100 x counts….WOOHOO!
That was me done and I decided to txt my friend:-

YES. I decided to txt COLIN BENNETT this morning.
“Good morning Colin, How is life with you? It was such a beautiful time meeting with you in Salou. You certainly were full of beans in your body. We should all have beans in our body to keep this life alive. I’ll catch up soon. Pauline XXX

Neil and Bill arrived again for more odd jobs here. There is always something to do!
Floors, windows, doors, lots to do.
I decided to go out for a wee walk with Alfonso, my friend. Originally I was going to cook a curry but oops, I think someone had two!!!!! Silly Billy.
When Alfonso and I got into town I realised that Norma and David were coming to visit him the next day, Friday 28th. I decided that I would buy them a nice box of “Patisserie Selection” of cakes. I knew that there was a birthday arrival soon.
I decided to change the sauce so we went for a creamy carbonara sauce, we had onions, garlic, peppers, mushrooms and chicken and pasta. We did a wee mixing ourselves, Three of us all jumping into the cooking!!! WHAT A RESULT :)
I had picked up some Mediterranean bloomer bread to add to our pasta.
Alfonso, Just Dandy and Myself all got into the mix,
Dandy was the “MUSHROOM PEELER GUY”, Alfonso was the “CHEF” and I was the “CHOPPER”.
We all just laughed and laughed and laughed. The conversation was jumping all over the place, we were all good with our story telling, laughing, and more stories.
All the memories were fantabulous.
We all had a full tummy, a full conversation and happiness within us all.
The air was held with all the talking that we had done. All of a sudden, yes, we were all shocked at the time it was. The time flew away from us. It was bed time.
I said goodnight to Alfonso and Just Dandy, so I shall say to you all now, GOODNIGHT ALL XXX

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