Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Friday 10th August 2012

What a “WONDERFUL DAY” We have the sun shining in the sky, there is not a cloud in the sky, there is only a half a moon up in the sun bright sky. WOW, it’s wonderful. I have done my shower and dressed for a nice walk into town. Another beautiful,  gorgeous  day.


I remember talking to Big Mamma Dee this morning at 06:20am. This morning I was talking about babies. “Malakai”
Big Mamma Dee’s husband’s father, was born at a stone in weight. WOW,  all of his brothers and sister’s were just about the stone in weight. My brain is trying to organise all that.  My son Robert, he weighed in at 10lbs 7oz I seem to remember. Ouch.
When I was 18yrs old I worked in Golders Green, London. I worked for a Jewish couple, Mr & Mrs Aaronson. I had my room at the end of the kitchen. I had a lovely room, I could never understand why a wealthy couple employed me just to hing aboot the house. The Arronson  couple had their Spanish cleaner, they cooked their own food. When it came to a Friday, they cooked their special  Jewish food, it was BOILED chicken.  Proper  “Jewish”   food. It was very interesting.  The Aaronson couple had two fishes in the little round bowl on the kitchen window sill.
 Mr Aaronson just asked me to jump into his BENTLY car and we would cruise round Golders Green. I think the fishes enjoyed the travelling?? I just thought that this was a pretty cool thing to do. I didn’t realise how the money affected your life!!!
The Aaronsons son was in America for his education. He was the only son. He came back to England for his summer holidays. He decided to go and work in HARRODS, for his summer holiday’s.  I couldn’t understand why I was paid for doing nothing???
I think I was only employed to be a good friend. They had the cleaner so that was covered, then a few days a week they cooked their own food.  WOW. I got my employment through the LADY magazine for work. It’s been a pretty cool youthful living. I have met loads of different people over the years. They have been pop and movie people. I could never understand how big people were, people just done THINGS. I could never understand the fact that money was vital in your life. I always got on forward with my personality. I have never bothered myself about the money in my life.
Happiness, Smilling and Charity is more important to life than the jingle of the coppers in your purse
One of the  pictures that I have, is me in a Pink Skirt with an elastic waist and the same colour of Pink t-shirt. I look pretty cool, dressing well in the Aaronson’s back garden which looks onto a golf  course.
It was the greatest living in Golders Green.
When I was ready for moving, I moved into the Bull & Bush, I stayed there. I had my own bedroom and they fed me, they were so good to me. I loved  having a job where I actually physically worked, and pulled a few of beers. It was fantastic.

Alfonso has just come from the cupboard with the cleaning materials to do the room cleaning upstairs in his bedroom. He looked like he was going into a Showdown at High Noon.  Thank you Dotty Spotty physician, you let us know what is happening

The morning went on, the clouds started to knit in the sky. It still was a pretty day with the clouds. Close your eye’s and imagine the shapes in your head, it’s very interesting for your brain.  

Well today Diego Rodriguez Sanchez has offered to come for a nice wee walk with me in Bolsover, so I said “Si signore” Can I still speak the languages??? Where have my languages hidden in my brain, which corner have they hidden!!!! Hmmmm.

When we got back home, I spoke to Nobby Neil McDougal. I told Neil about me bringing my necklaces from my home to my new rehabitation house. I put on as many necklaces as I could. My neck was so full with all the pretty beads. This was his 2nd day on his part-time job. I asked Nobby why did he work on his two days off! Was it financial or did he just like working to help everyone. YES…. he loves working to help everyone, so I say “THANKS NEIL XXX”
Diego showed me her two dogs they were ****** dogs.
They were Luka, Sweeping Snowdrift & Shianne, Shadow. They do lots of help in the hospital. Why do I get to see all these animals. Do I have a magnetic aura with these animals!!!

I’ve had a lovely chicken with mustard sauce and savoury rice, at 5pm. Ooh it was just lovely. I have cleaned all the pots and pans and put all the dishes in the washing machine. It’s great to help them back. They feed me, so I feel that it would nice to help them clean the kitchen.

I’m now going away to paint a black cat on a black sofa. Hmmmm  Very Difficult.
This is for Juanita, it’s her 27th birthday on the 11th.  I will take a picture for you. Hey I will be very professional. Juanita has a black sofa and a black cat. he, he, he. The cat is called BO DEREK, he, he, he. It’s a very intricate piece of painting work.

 Gosh I’m a great painter!!!!

Love from me Queenie xxx

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