Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday 14th August 2012

Good Morning World!!

I woke up at 07:00am and I was so excited about my farm job. I have got my old camera for my pictures. The camera is the most important thing to me to keep my stories alive.


Steve and Mark came with me early for our first picture. Wow. 
Steve, Ian and Mark have all offered to be my companions on the walk next April.

Blue the racing dog got a big kiss from me. I’m pretty sure with owner  Ian is going to have Blue to be my companion on the 5k walk as well :)  
I had a nice wee looky, likey around the animals. Little Salvatore again, I will never forget him. You are just a sweet wee Italian rabbit.

 All the pigs on the second field were counted. I counted about 38 pigs today. Gosh, they were all hungry, and they ate so much. We took lots of food for the pigs, we were busy, back, forward, back, forward. C***** decided to pour the last amount of the food straight into the stye, so he organised the bin he was holding, then, BANG, the pigs made such a ”to do” at the fence then all the crap fell down his trousers and walking boots. Sorry, sorry, sorry. I just couldn’t stop laughing at this drama. I’m still laughing at it now. He, he, he. When we got back to the office he washed his trousers and shoes on the outside tap. He is now soaken and he thought he would be smelly. Ooooooh.
Mostly all the little chicks were in the room across from Ian’s office. He wanted me to clean out the bigger duck pen. I couldn’t properly understand how to do it. I couldn’t clearly know how to do this safely. It was in a huge big pen just above my waist on a table. I had to say to him “OOPS, sorry I couldn’t really do the cleaning safe this far above the floor.” I just fed them anyway,  I just told Ian and Steve that I shouldn’t do it. 

We had such a giggle all morning, IT was another great MONDAY.

Me feeding the ducks
New little duckies

Picture of my cross eyes at the computer WOW what a funny day :)

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