Thursday, August 30, 2012

Saturday 25th August 2012

It was about 07:00am. What a great day as I knew that he was here already.
I was so ready for 10:00am.
It was going to be the MOST SPECIAL day with me.
I couldn’t really believe that he was coming to see me, for the whole weekend.
I was so chuffed that Jake asked to see me all weekend.
Usually, young boys of 11 years old just “hing a’boot”, but he would rather spend time with me. I wanted to jump over the moon. When Jake arrived with Janiece we had all our kisses and cuddles, it was so lovely to have him there. It was so good not spending my affections on anyone else. I loved just spending my affections on just one person.


We got into the car and made our way home, it felt like it only took us seconds.
We all got ready to go to THE MAGNA. It is a Millenium Project.
It is pretty perfect, it deals with the WATER the AIR, the WIND, the FIRE and lastly the EARTH.
These projects teach us what is happening with each element, right down to each little atom.
There was so much happening all around us, we didn’t even think of talking. There was so much to feel and see.

One of the staff members, Bob Beeden was telling us about the works of this factory from years ago, The iron ore was being crushed, melted to make the steel. There was so much information. Did we talk – not really. Our eyes were so busy with the actions. Bob said that it would take a million pounds sterling to pay for the electricity that would be used in this factory if it was still working for a week. WOW. He was full of so much information. Bob’s brain was like a sponge, it soaked up everything.



You had to hand chip, hammer and chisel, you hurt your thumb once it hurts, you hit your thumb twice you are a bit clumsy and it hurts worse, you don’t hit your thumb again ‘cos you realise it hurts and hold your hand in the right place.


Can you imagine the noise 24 hours a day ‘cos you knew when we had the furnaces going you got the thump, thump, thump of the furging hammers going all day and night.

There has been so much education for our brains. It has been so fast, all the work in my brain. I had the BEST DAY with JAKE.
WOW...what a fab burger
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