Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Saturday 18th August 2012

Good morning my 2nd life.
When I woke up this morning it was so, so early.
I don’t even dare tell you the time. Shhhh, I should have slept, but, did I, NO.
My brain was so busy with all the pictures in my head.


BRIAN QUINN                                                     

I was travelling into Glasgow with my sister Janiece. We lived in Hamilton and we decided to visit our BIG BROTHER BRIAN in Glasgow. We jumped on the train from Hamilton to Glasgow.  Brian was a great PHOTOGRAPHER. We got off the train in Glasgow. We went out of the main entrance/exit doorway. It had brick arches that we walked through. When you walk to the main exit, you take a right turn, then across the main road. Once you cross the main road you get to a doorway with steps and a lift and all the Companies that were there on the board.. This is where Brian worked with Bill Salkeld . I’m sure we went to 3rd floor Photography Bill Salkeld. 
Hey, he was pretty good looking all those years ago. Hmmmm.
This is where he started his proper photography job. He was very good at it, then he moved into doing the Photography all by himself. Janiece and I went to visit him. It did look very glammerous. All these famous people, I felt that I knew them but nothing else bothered me. I just thought were pretty.


I went to my bed just to chill out. It’s now 11am and I was crying in my bed as I found out that some people have been telling fibs about Janiece and me. I have given all the physical details to my Government man. I hope you all act better, I can’t believe how upset I have been with all your words. Looking through my diary?, calling me a liar?, taking the phone back from me?, telling me that I have a  limited memory in Dunstable??? TUT, TUT, TUT.
I just want everyone to leave me alone and get on with your life.


Where did my wrist bands come from??? Anyone got an answer???

David? I remember wearing them on my wrists when I was sick. It felt good that I was all dressed up, and I was a real pretty 49yr old.


I’m going to phone him shortly when I get picked up. Catch up later, maybe tomorrow.
It was 12noon

I went for my lunch with Alfonso, Wow. He said yes to be my model and have the pictures done for my story. He had his eyes open as big as the stars. Normally it’s just one open and one pretty closed shut.

His eyes were sparkling, he was so happy with the :) biggest smile.
Jools had his glasses on, he has bought a new phone for the conversations anytime with the family, he phones back home. “HELLO”
I’m so proud of him, we are all fighter’s for our life.

I got picked up after lunch
I was a detective, “HE, DAVID” got me the rubber wristbands. THANKYOU.


I can imagine all the gossiping, is that me or you Peter? Well it will probably be me.
Now just remember Peter, I have had this mouth shut for such a long time. 7 months!.
I will talk as much as I can, hey can you remember, I do have a Scottish accent.


Just a wee quickie.
It’s 1pm, and Jools and I have just finished our lunch.
He has done his room cleaning, he does his washing, he’s just bought a phone, his right eye is as bright a sparkling gem, he has just got his new glasses on. Then we decided what was the next future achievements we required. We would climb the BIG BEN, Swim the Thames, Climb Ben Nevis, Swim the Lady Bower Dam, its good having an imagination. You can have your brain to become anything.

I went to M&S for my appointment with Debbie**, she is my top notch inches lady. Well, when she came back to my room, I stood there seductively for her walking through the door. Well I just said “HELLLLLO”  with a beautiful pose. Well we just laughed, and laughed, and laughed, he, he, he.
I eventually got my “Over Shoulder Boulder Holder Babies” She laughed again.


 When I came out of M&S with all my trinkets bought, I met Gemma, Miguel & Kefae. I had made special arrangements with them for our meeting. It was so beautiful, being able to properly smell Kefae again. Oooooh I wish I could just cuddle him forever.
Miguel and Gemma had always came to the hospital to see me. I loved feeling her wee belly. The movements that Gemma  had from Kefae in her belly was fascinating. It was the movement in her belly that was so awesome, it was a great feeling. When Kefae was born he was a regular special boy to me. He had seen me in my SAD BRAIN time till NOW my new life.
I shall post some of our pictures from the SAD to BRILLIANT days.


Our journey was happening with big smiling faces. I held Kefae’s hand as we were walking along while he was in his pram. Hey we looked pretty cool. When we went to the All-BAR-ONE I needed to go into the toilet. Well shock/horror. My head was jumping over the moon. I knew someone was going to phone Pat for me as I don’t have a phone.  I had arranged our special meeting through my assistant, (thanks Janiece. XXXX
Pat was waiting for me in the ALL-BAR-ONE. I thought she would be later, I couldn’t believe that she there FOR ME. I forgot about the toilet and kissed Pat and all her friends. We all had been experiencing some very beautiful memories. My sister came in to find me as I was taking so long in the loo. Where was I?  Chatting again. Hmmmmm.
I was getting my picture with Pat and her friends. They can’t wait for their faces being put on my story, well they are MY DAY .


We had our chat and it was time to leave. 


Welcome to POPOLO.
As we walked into the Leopold Square I pointed my fingers and arm to the left. It was LA FORET.  I turned around to Pat and said to her that this is where we danced just over a year ago on her birthday. I told her about Darren Campbell, the CARER who was with his young boy and he was playing his guitar. We danced and put our trousers over our knees.. We were a bit tipsy. Hic, hic, hic. Pat was amazed that I could tell her everything that happened on her birthday with me just before my haemarroeghe. I think Pat was just shocked that I do have everything in my brain, at the stuff that comes from my mouth. I love my brain and I HONOUR you Pat for all the times you came to see me in my SAD LIFE.

We all made our way to POPOLO’S.
We had a lovely outside table.
 The sun was shining and wee Kefae was dancing on my knees. He was up, then down, then up, then down. He was so funny. My face was so happy, I was in the best, happiest place in my brain. Kefae was so cuddley, he was smelling lovely. Ahhhh. I will treasure his smell in my mind. :) I was shown the pictures of Kefae when he had his 1stcrawl. It was such a good memory for Gemma to have. He has the assistance from his mum and dad to help him walk. He was really showing off for me. I would like to just get a hold those cheeks and wiggle them for me. He has made me soooooo happy today.


Kefae, Gemma and Miguel leave our wee memory and day for the moment. People still have to do their shopping. “THANX FOR YOUR COMPANIONSHIP”
Well, they go off and Janiece, Pat and I go for our “what shall we eat???” decision.
We ended up going to PICCOLINOS.WOW, WOW, WOW.
I felt the last time I was there was yesterday? This used to be my hot spot chat place.
I was here when I was still in my wheelchair, everything was always so FUZZY.
(I think it was the drug’s MAN?) he, he, he.
It was quite amazing that everything FELT just like yesterday.

Since I have been so sick, it has been wonderful that all the staff have the time for me. I know that they have the love for me. “Hey, I LOVE YOU ALL” XXXXXXXXXXX
 The guys at the next table start singing “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ****”
Well that got us all talking. I was the BIG BLETHER Pauline, AGAIN.
We had best talk and the nicest KISSING. Hmmmm!. YOUNG MEN XXXXX
This is a kiss for you all.
David, Peter and Miguel turned up what a bunch of lovely lads.
We had our Spaghetti Carbonarra, yum, yum, yum.


I was just about ready to jump over the moon again. It was Sooooo lovely. Darren Campell was playing again, he definitely has his fingers in the RHYTHM. WOW.
Darren is so good with the guitar than he ever has been. I hear him in my mind.
I remember everything that we done last year before I had my haemorraghe
Darren was so happy to see me again. I remember that he worked for a disabled boy and played the guitar in the evening. We all danced with the boy when we were out with Pat for her Birthday. We all had the most perfect day for a birthday.
Everyone was having a great dance. I stood there bending my knees a little bit, it was great that my chair has retired from me know. The fact that I can hear the music outside, that I can talk and move my legs.
I shall put pictures on here for you to see. ENJOY.

I have been in my new life, 2nd life, for such a short time, BUT I LOVE IT. :) :) 

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