Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Thursday 2nd August 2012

I had a nice message at about 7isearly  from the Stroke Foundation, Southern Region, New Zealand. The girl who txt was Janny from New Zealand she was letting us know that she has been awarded to get herself a new scooter. Hey, you could just imagine all the zooming, he, he, he.  I felt that the right thing for me to do is to answer her comment on their facebook. Well I spoke to her about my Subarachnoid Brain Haemorrhage. A few minutes later I had a ping, ping again. I looked at my phone and it was Lynny from the New Zealand, Stroke Foundation. I told Lynny that she should find some sparkley stones to dress up her new scooter. I asked her to try to get me a picture when she gets her scooter. I do hope all the sparkles will be found.. I sent my cousin Pat Scally Richardson in New Zealand a wee txt about the Stroke Foundation and about our London party with her daughter’s. That felt good, I love sharing all my good news.

I eventually went to breakfast at about 9ish for my coffee and toast. When I decided to get ready for my day it  was 11:25am. I started singing ABBA, Gold, Greatest Hits. I got into my shower and I couldn’t stop singing, I must have sounded awful. Tut, tut.
I was singing Mama Mia, who did I think I was eh!!!

I went for my lunch and then I went to the lounge with Lorenzo. He was watching the Olympics on the TV. We started talking about our brains. How did our brain affect us. I told Lorenzo that I asked David “Will my brain ever hurt me again” Sometime it is quite good to speak about your head, how does it affect you!! He used to sleep in the church graveyard at night, he thought it was the safest place to sleep. Your brain can be very clever for you. Lorenzo used to do the motorcycle races, he drove a 250 Yamaha, BMW’s and Suzuki bikes. The Edington Park was a big circuit for the motorcycle’s. Oops! 3 ladies down the line. As he has been better now, he has always  remembered  a friend at school who came back from a family holiday. Bang, there was a bad car incident, 5 all at the same time. Sometimes 1 person is a tradgedy but now 5 family members, this has been stuck in his brain for such a long time in his life. The Lord will look after us all, we are definitely here for a reason.

Later,  I had my own made salad it was lovely. Paul the Gardener arrived with Scooby. He came around for the chit chat with the staff, it was lovely to see the dog. I went and had another coffee out the backdoor for the fresh air, it was lovely. I was just about ready to go upstairs but my body turned around and I went to go to the office to tell the staff that I just wanted to scratch my skin off my body. I couldn’t stop the itchy on my back. I couldn’t even get it with my hand. I went for my Tea Tree Cream. I decided to have a shower to clean my body. I went downstairs and asked one of the staff to put the tea  tree on my body. Ahhh, I felt great with the cream. I have 5 little bites on my back. Why do flying thing’s want to bite me!!! CRAP. Maybe they want a piece of me too
My phone is still searching. How is that eh!!!!

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