Thursday, August 30, 2012

Friday 24th August 2012

Today is a fantastic day. 

I would like to properly share my life with you all.  I will cross all the T’s  and dot all the i’s. I don’t mind sharing all with you.

I wake up in the morning with the BIGGEST smile from me. I smile at all my friends in my pictures, they lead me the right way, even Mr Patel (thanks)

I went to the next room for my fitness time.
I like cycling, so here we go:-
5mins at No 3. (I’m puffed after 3mins!!!) (warm up).
10mins at No 5
5mins at No 3.  (warm down).


I go for my weetabix and coffee and toast.
I’ts nice to be in control of what I eat and when I eat.
Everything was always on a rota. You ate, you drank, you slept.
I feel great that I have my body back.
Janiece arrived just after my fitness and my toast and coffee. I had to cancel my swimming this morning, well it was a girlie thing. I’ve even got that back. Woohoo.


Why don’t we have a girlie day!!!
Hey, I have some great ideas. We both wanted to go to Meadowhall. FANTASTIC.
I love looking at a bit of BLING. I love looking at colours.
We both decided to go for a cappucinno and a sandwich. I needed to use a ladies loo. We decided to WALK into COFFEE. That’s the name of the coffee shop. I had the biggest feeling in my belly as we walked past the first table, When we got up to the service desk area we asked Phil if I could use the toilet. He said “YES” and let me use the facility. Thank goodness.

While we were ordering our food and drink, I turned round to Janiece and I asked her:-

“Is this the place you took me to on my first day away from hospital . I can tell you exactly where I sat”
The staff were asking if I was ok. I was crying. I here I had  so many emotions in my body.
I told the staff that I was so happy that I knew where I had been.
I was crying because I was so happy, but I was crying because I had lost a big part of my life. The speaking and the legs.


The staff were so lovely towards me. THANK YOU COFFEE STAFF.
Janiece gave me so many kisses and cuddles to calm me down.
I told Janiece that I’m not hiding any emotion.


I told Janiece that she had to take my picture. I want to let you all know how I was feeling with my emotions.
Each step seems like a small step, but for me it has been the biggest step to get my life back. My body was lost in a SAD, SAD, SPACE. I couldn’t tell you where I  was, I feel that my body was hiding somewhere else.


I went up to the staff Phil Newton, clare Neilson, Dorota Orgas and Caroline Newbold.
I asked them to take our picture for the blog. I gave them my email blog and popped for a wee then I came back for the picture. WELL, WELL, WELL. They put the email address in the phone while I was in the loo. When I came out they were looking at my story on the phone. I was so pleased that they got a chance to read my story.


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