Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Monday 20th August 2012

This morning I was so bright and breezy.
I love my Monday mornings at CLOWNE FARM.
When I arrived with Francois I introduce her to Mark, he’s cleaning the yard.
The farm is a special place for me. I tell the owner Ian, and his son Steve, and Mark the head workman what I shall do now. It’s great having the confidence to tell people what I’d like to do. I love the fact that they appreciate what I do for them. I do love working physically for them. It is a great feeling.

 When I got in this morning I decided to tell them my next story in my life. I asked them who wanted tea or coffee and I made it for us and we gathered the group of chairs for my wee speech I told them about JULIE H WINTER.


I then gathered myself ready to go and feed the pigs in the next field, this is a nice thing to do with Mark. Hey, I still talk a lot.
Francois, Mark and myself  all jump into the JEEP truck???? I meet all my lovely pigs again. WOW, they make a lot of noises, looking for their food. Mark is so patient  with the nice little piggy’s. We have new little babies/piglets today. Ahhh, I could just cuddle them, but I know that they are piglet’s and I am a 49yr old human being. I got some nice pictures though. 

Francois and I moved by foot from one stye to the next.

Mark was moving the JEEP from one stye to the next. Hey, it’s a good job to do for the pig’s

When we got back to the office area, Francois got a big bundle of love from PIP, he really love’s the personal contact, he’s gorgeous.
Mark done his “paper work” and I chatted to a lady called Isabel Tindall.

You know what I’m like for all this talking. Isabel will look into helping us with our charity walk next April 2013 in Rother Valley Park for NEUROCARE CHARITY.  My mouth was having a “quiet sit in” with me. I love talking sooooo much, I love telling people what I went through in my dark black trip.


We have a lovely wee chat and talk about my Subarachnoid Brain Haemarrhage again can I ever stop this talking. Phhhhhh,
Lee and John are working for themselves, they are looking after AUTISTIC children, between 5 and 18yrs old. They are doing a very good job.

Lee’s friend in EDINBURGH had a HAEMORRHAGE and 2 STROKES,  all at the same time. 3 sicknesses at the one time and he has fought his way through just like myself. You need to keep your strength and a very GOOD SENSE OF HUMOUR  :)
WELL DONE LEE AND JOHN, I shall sprinkle some love your way for support. :)
Hopefully I will see you both soon for the laughter and talking and memories.


Christine is Ian’s sister. She listened to my story that I said to Ian again, I love my stories. I think I may work on a real novel. Should I go for:-  a fantasy,   a  drama,  a war on the field or town, or should  I make  a story out of Portencross. That is where I lived year’s and year’s ago. It’s next to West Kilbride, Ayrshire area SCOTLAND.  That was between a farm, a beach and sea and a ROYAL CASTLE stop off, for death of Scottish royalty from London.
Well, we had a nice wee blether again,
Glen was very passionate about his uncle Walter.

Glen was very emotional when he spoke about Walter to me.
Walter had a stroke and he lost everything, just like myself.
He lost :-
His lost voice, not talking - ………   Just like me.
His legs, no longer walking - ………Just like me.
We all fight our way back from our dark, silent and lonely life.
We all deserve to get our life back.

I had a Subarachnoid Brain Haemarrhage. I have fought against my body to get myself back. I do everything all by myself. Nobody tells me what to do. Everything I do, is by MY OWN MIND.
Some people think that I have been given FALSE MEMORIES.
HEY, I’M NOT THAT STUPID.   I’m 49yrs old, not a child.

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